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Eric Isaac
United States
    Hi There again Good friends,

        Its me Eric again with another journal for you to enjoy! Well today's Labor day and that's means everybody's Summer Vacations is about over as we look ahead to the fall season. Like I mention on my last journal school's back in Session, The upcoming Fall TV and Movie seasons and of Course the return of Football as well as Basketball and Hockey as well as the Baseball playoffs. Sad to see Summer go but I'm pumped up for what the rest of the year holds and look forward to it. Once again thanks for the great comments, llama badges and even a few more DEV WATCHES as well. Before I go here's two more poems for you to enjoy and both of them are school theme ones that you and your loved ones can enjoy as you getting your little tykes ready or you going back to school as well. I hoping that some day I go back to get my College degree but for right now I truly blessed of staying in school and getting my high school diploma in the process and never drop out. now's here my awesome poetry

                                       ODE TO EDUCATION

Lend me your ears children all across the nation
There's one thing that will help you be successful in life that's a good education

It's the key to living because you see life's a lot like school, it teaches you the very second you're born
Like the legend Himself Bill Cosby always say at the Beginning of Far Albert in his immortal words' if you're not careful, you might learn something before its done''

Education brings many people of Culture, race and religion together by Communication
Making the world on even better place with a strong united civilzation

Education can help breakaway the chains of darkness, confusion and self doubt
it makes you alive and free brimming with joy and pride making you want to shout '' now that's what taking about''

Education can make you into a great leader in your neighborhood and community
Maybe someday it helps you win the Noble peace prize for a doing a great service for all humanity

Education can really opens up so many doors to success that you'll be in complete shock
Being able to take advantage of every single opportunity that will knock

Education is clearly the right direction for you to steer away  from a life of crime, violence and cruelty
You'll live in a world of love, peace, joy and lifelong prosperity

Education is something that you can build on your hopes and dreams of becoming a rags to riches story
Making a name for yourself and even having your own spot in world History

So this poem I hope gives you some self-esteem along with having true inspiration and real motivation
Giving you some valuable wisdom and experience before you walk down in your cap and gown setting a example to the next generation
Whenever it's preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, or college be sure to get the knowledge because it's indeed the power to have a productive like thru a good education.

Now here's one for all the teachers all over the world to keep on teaching our youth of today and tomorrow as well and also thanks all the teachers that helped me become a better person today. I even got a aunt in Georgia who is a teacher and proud of it and I love her so much.

                                           THE WAYS OF A TEACHER

The ways of a teacher is to teach their students with love and respect
So that they can someday enter the real world with greatness they expect

The ways of a teacher can have postitive effects on a child
Help sets up their goals and build up their dreams to make it worth while

The ways of a teacher gets the most out of its prized pupils
Into harnessing their God given gifts and talents and making them real special

The ways of the teacher can make a child have a lot of success
To be eventually rewarded for their hard work with love and kindless

The ways of a teacher is to make sure that its students have a good education
Giving them self-confidence and Motivation and being to them an true inspiration

The ways of a teacher is to take their students up to the learning tree
So that they can learn about life itself and be the best that they can be

The ways of the teacher is to show the students that school can be fun
They give them recess time but they always make sure that their assignment's done

The ways of a teacher can be their pupil's own guiding light
Giving so much knowledge and wisdom to them makes their future bright

The ways of a teacher makes a child feel like they got a best friend
One's a true mentor that had a sudden impact on them up until the very end

The ways of the teacher loves being with its pupils and seeing them grow
in the process giving wonderful surprises for their parents to show them how much they know

The ways of the teacher can make students feel right at home
Making school a close knit family atmosphere for all to come

But Most of all the ways of the teacher is to have special bonds and moments with its class
when their graduation day comes and goes, all the memories that you have of them will always and forever last!

Until next time, Stay in school, that's the Number One Golden Rule!
By Eric Isaac, Washington DC

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