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Eric Isaac
United States
  Hi There again my friends,

             Its me Eric again with another Journal for you. Well as we approaching the final days of Summer 2014 and approaching the fall season next week. Well I have already talking about the upcoming Fall TV season with returning favorites such as The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Upcoming new shows such as the new Flash TV Series and Marvel's Agent Carter and the one that I'm most looking forward seeing next Month Fox's Gotham based the events of an young Commisser James Gordon and how he assured a young Bruce wayne(pre-Batman) that Justice will be served in the city and we get to see all the Main Villians on Batman before they became the bad guys that we love to hate such as The Pengiun, The Ridder, The Joker, Catwoman etc. That's already looks like a winner to be.
Well the NFL probadly suffer its worst week ever last time with not only the Ray Rice Drama but also the Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald situations as well with Domestic Violences to their girlfriends and fiances but the biggest tragedy of them all happen to one of the league's Biggest Superstars, RB Adrian Peterson had been indicted of Child abuse to two of his young sons back in TEXAS and is now suspended indefinety from the team. Like i said last time about there's no place in society for hitting women there's also no place for abusing a child as well. all the troubles that the NFL is going thru lately with players getting arrested and even going to jail for murdering people it makes me feel embassed to be a football fan. But even sport has it own problems with Drugs and alchol but in time its pulls itself back up again and here's that we fans who love sports have brighter days ahead.
           Well in other News we lost another Hollywood icon recently in Lauren Bacall who style, beauty and grace captured Old school Hollywood Died peacefully in her nineties and she made many memorable movies in her career especially with her longtime love Humphrey Bogart including one of the all time great movies. Casablanca1
She will be missed dearly. in Brighter news my Hometown Baseball team The Washington Nationals clinched their Division title the other night beating ther rival Atlanta Braves on their home field and I never been so much prouder to be a fan seeing them celebrate in the locker room but also on that night the team that I rooted as a child because they were no Baseball team in D.C., back then that was near by The Baltimore Orioles also won their Division title and they did it in front of their own home fans and it was a great night for Baseball fans in the DC/Baltimore area like myself who had suffered so much for 15 years and now we got two winners and champions in our backyard, hey we might have a beltway world series this year!
         We gotta go for now but thanks again for all the great comments, Llama Badges and DEV WATCHES as well. Here's a pair of poems for all of you to enjoy for the time being.

                                                                 THE SEASON OF AUTUMN

As Summer comes to an end, so starts the season of Autumn
When the hot and humid temperatures give away to the chilly winds to begin

when the leaves fall to the ground not before changing from green to red,orange, brown and orange
To the sun giving away its last warming excellence before turning mild and mellow

To the days becoming shorter and the nights longer makes it earlier to be back home
That's one of the many signs when the fall starts to come

To the most beautiful sight in the world seeing the big bright harvest moon
You better enjoy this glorious cool brisk weather because old man winter's coming soon

To kids having enjoyed the long summer vacation and now back in school
Where their continue their education in the classroom, knowing life's the number one golden rule

it's the season when men turn their fantasies to tv watching Football
and the women who love them get to use the car and going shopping at the mail

Its when you and your loved one snuggle up inside enjoying the warmfire in the cabin
Having dinner together buy Candlelight while sharing kisses with each other busy romancing

So in closining this goes to the time of year makes you go inside to keep warm
This is the beautiful time of year, the season of autumn!

Now here's a Bonus one...

                                       STAND UP TO THE BULLY

There comes a time in our lives that eventually we must stand up against a bully
A person that constantly picks on you but also insulting your family

They're just insecure people who they hurt simply don't care
Trying to intimidate people with their tough talk and cold stare

We often run away from them when they come near
Giving them the satisfaction of always feeding on our fear

Why do bullying have to go for all so long
Don't they know that's so uncool not to mention dead wrong

Are they so jealous of someon that they have to act so mean
So that they have the right to knockdown or even kill somebody else's dream

Sticks and stones can break your bones but sometimes their name calling can really hurt your feelings
So I say that it's time to stand on our own two feet showing them that we all are real human beings

I know that your first expression in using your fistd to fight back but I say using your head's better
To talk some sense into them convincing them that that they can't run that tired act forever

Maybe they really need some help all along trying to fit into society just wanting a true friend
That's truly the first step in making all this bullying finally come to an end

Until next time America,
Eric Isaac, Washington D.C.

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