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Eric Isaac
United States
      Hi There again Good friends,

                          Its me Eric again with another Journal Update for you. Well the fall season is offically here and its started off great for me with the new TV Season the new Gotham show started off well in the first two episodes as we are knowing about the true orgins of the most familar characters in Batman and last night show was interesting good as we saw a young bruce wayne takes his very first steps in eventually becoming the Caped Crusader as well as young Oswald cobblepot aka THE penguin makes a bloody revenge trail back to Gotham City to his former boss who betrayed him and we also saw Young Detective James Gordon comfront a Young Selina Kyle the future Catwoman after he and the police saves her and the other children from a crime traffic ring and she tells him about the man who killed Bruce's parents.
I also saw the much awaited Simpsons/Family Guy crossover on Sunday and it also has its moments when Peter and the Griffin Family leave Quarthog for Springfield( i Guess that both the Simpsons and Griffins both live in New England, because there is a Springfield Massachusetts!) and they first saw Homer after her agrees to buy thir donuts. The two family groups got along well with Marge and Lois sharing Gossip and fashion tips, Lisa trying to give Poor Meg some confidence in Herself even giving Meg her prized Sax, Brian and Chris walking the Simpsons' Dog Santa Little Helper thru the neighorhood and thought that they had lost him but the dog did came back and one the main highlights for me is the bonding of Bart and Stewie and the two bad boys of animation enjoy sharing each other one liners and Stewie even got revenge for his new friend as he tortured the Bully who messed with bart for so many years Taken style but the main Focus indeed was on Homer and Peter as the two were instant buddies that do what they can only can do and it was comic gold between them including the hilarious Car wash for crooks with Stolen cars up until one night at Moe's when Homer finds out that Peter's favorite Beer is actually a rip off of his beloved Duff beer! the two argued before eventually taking the case to court and Guess who was the Judge?!? That's right Fred Flinstone the man who was before Homer and Peter was the king of prime time  cartoons and Homer's side won the Verdict
having Peter to get laid off of his and the Griffins when back to Quarthog. Of course they didn't without saying Goodbyes to the Simpsons But Peter weren't going back home without a fight with Homer a family Guy classic Chicken fight and its was epic seeing the two duke it everywhere and I do mean everywhere even space to a standstill before finally walking off into the sunset battled, blooded and beaten up together. It was great to all of the characters in both the Simpsons and Family Guy Universe and we even saw Bob from Bob's burgers in the two part episode as well and it being said that the crossover sequel will happen in May so possibly more Homer and Peter in the future.
           Well now that's October's here and that's means big things like Harvest moon, Octoberfest, Columbus Day and of Course Halloween as well. Its also time for the Baseball Playoffs as well as the road to the world series well my Hometown Team the Washington Nationals are indeed headed to the playoffs on a high note including winning the last game of the regular season with a No hitter to boot. Good luck to them and all the other teams that are also in it as well. I also want to correct myself for a few mistakes that I made on my last journal first about the Late great Lauren becall she did appear in many films with Humpery bogart but not Casablanca it was to have and to hold. Ingnar bergman was the lady that starred with Bogart on Casablanca and my Autumn poem when I said  the leaves turned Orange instead of Yellow to make the weather mood and mellow. well nobody's perfect, Once again thanks for the great comments, LLama badges and a few more DEV Watches as well. I'll be back next time with my Halloween Poem but I got a poem for you to take note since October is also National fight Breast cancer month so that we must take part in fight the disease not just cancer in the breast but also other types of it as well and believe me I lost many members of my family to cancer including my Father and Grandparents as well. so with out futher do here's it is


As we all Know there's no more deadly disease out there Known as cancer

A very horrible and terrible terminal threat that so far no one has found an answer

it's a danger that starts off as a very small form in your body

Then it waits for the right time for it starts to multiply

it's a disease that so often catches people by their widest surprise

When they think they're good health but to their shock and display know that they're in the early stage of their demise

Cancer comes in many different forms to prostate, ovarian, lungs, blood, breasts and even on the brain

it's the number one killer out there taking many lives of men, women and children

I've lost many loved ones to the disease in many kinds over the years

Remembering seeing their once proud appearance detonate had me in tears

Yet from the begining of their slow painful torture they remain strong up to the end

Knowing that the will be leaving this earth and never having to suffer again

The one thing about cancer is that while it can take over our bodies both young and old

it can never take away our minds, spirits and soul

We still have hope for someday finding the ultimate cure

So that we will live long and prosper, the disease will be no more

So this goes out to all the mighty proud cancer surivivors

Who had to go to war with it everyday and all of you are true fighters

We will continue to support you because your efforts make us think
Even proudly show our love to you wearing and feeling pretty in pink

We will stand up and beat cancer and its evolution together

The legacy of the ones we lost to it they'll always in our hearts live forever

By Eric Isaac, Washington DC

''Don't give up, Don't ever give up!"- Jim Valvano


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