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Eric Isaac
United States
  Hi There once again my friends,

          Its me Eric once again with another Journal and poem for you all I hope that you have read my journal tribute to the late, great Robin Williams last time as he was finally laid to rest this week. I also some read some of the others journals by other artists about their thoughts and memories over this great comedian and man as well.
I forgot to mention two great comedians on my journal last time who I have loved so much growing up one is Bill Cosby how could have not mention him because he's a legend himself growing up watching Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and the Cosby Show and before I was born with I Spy with the late Robert Culp and the Bill Cosby Show. he even teamed up with Williams in the Movie Jack 20 years ago the other one is Dick Gregory who keep people both black and white laughing with his brilliant stand up act doing the Civil rights movement in the 1960's and even was the first black man to try to run for president of the United States before Jesse Jackson, before Barack Obama catch some of his vids on Youtube its really awesome.
             Well as Summer is starting to come to a end and some parts of the country the kids are finally back in school. it's has been a great one for me enjoying the nice weather where I'm living not being as hot as normal had a great birthday and even  saw some kickass movies as well But Now the fall season is fast approaching and can't wait for the new Fall Tv shows to come out as well as the old Favorites, Can you believe that we are going to see both the Simpsons and Family Guy together on screen this fall wow that's the biggest crossover since the Jetsons meet the Flintstones almost 30 years ago. Homer meets Peter, Marge meets Lois, Bart and Lisa meets Chris and Meg, Maggie meets Stewie and Brian meets Santa's little helper the dog and the cat too! Also its the time that Football season is back  with High school, college and the pros as well As a proud fan of the Washington NFL football team I hope that they'll bounce back this year from a awful one last year. My hometown sports teams are rolling right now The Basketball team had a great year and expects to have another excellent season this year, The baseball team had its ten game winning streak finally snapped last night but still in First place in their division and look like a championship contender and even the hockey team looks like it will bounce back to have a successful year too!
                Before I go I would once again Thank all of your for the llama Badges, the Dev Watches and even the comments about the RW tribute as well. Talk to you next time with my September Journal and Here's another Poem for all of you to read. As you all know that I'm a female Bodybuilding fan and loves having Female muscle artwork in my faves some of my favorite artists in DA are David Matthews, Angel Uriel 15, DracoWhip, Kaiibahn,
CCMAN, Red Crown, Rainbow scriber, MightyKnight BR, and many others who draw Muscle girls and boys as well.
Here's a poem for all the sisters of muscles to enjoy.
                      MUSCLES(ode to female bodybuilding)

There's a dirty little secret that I'm going to share with you to let it all out
It's a spot that I've been following for many years now and really cared about

It's not football, baseball, basketball nor even Hockey or soccer it that's what you're thinking
I love them all and support my hometown teams well but this sport about showing your near naked birthday suit
onstage and no I haven't been drinking

Now call me anything from being a somewhat of a pervert or just talking crazy fantasizing being saved by a muscle bound Betty Sue
This poem is about the sport that the men put on the map,bodybuilding but I'm giving the love to the ladies that deserved their long due

You see there's something about women with muscles that impress me and even sometimes turn me on
Even though they never get the love and respect of their male counterparts, they're great athletes too and always press on

Like the men their muscles also stand out with their ripped veins popping out their shoulders,arms,fists, legs, quads and feet
Even though their massive physiques are so tanned and sculptures and have the strength to pound something like a Jackhammer they's still beautiful ladies both powerful and sweet

While bodybuilding have made a name for itself with its men like the late fitness guru jack lalanne, King Ronnie Coleman, Classy Jay Culter, The hulk himself Sweet Lou Ferigno and of course the Terminator named Arnold
The ladies have their own stuff of legends as well with past and present stars like Rachel Mclish, Carla Dunlap, Cory Everson, Lenda Murray, Kim Chivesky, Julliette Bergman, Yaxeni Oriquen, Iris Kyle, and my all time favorite one of them all the one took the women physique up to a another level the Incredible Bev Francis and they all also made their fame good as gold

Although their sport have been victimized like others by disturbing trends
They all made it to the top of the game with years of hard work and training that will never end

So this is the poem about all my sisters of muscles who are champions both onstage and off and continues to be inside and out both beautiful and strong
And hope that all of you read this and knowing that I'm always be a proud supporter of yours and never do you wrong.

Until next time America, Nano-Nano!
By Eric Isaac, Washington D.C.


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