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 Hi There once again DA Family

     Its me ei9 with another journal for all of you to enjoy well Holy week is here and Easter is This Sunday so that we still must remember the true meaning of the holiday know that God's only son Jesus our lord and savior died on the cross so that we can be saved and even with the suffering and beating he took, he still loves us all and we are all still God's Children even though they is sin in all of us and we are not perfect, Enjoy the Easter weekend and I have a special poem for it later on. Now to the Sports section of my Journal Well We got a New National Champion in College Basketball Not only on the men's side With North Carolina Defeating Gonzaga for its Fifth Title in its storied school history down in Phoenix, Arizona that's no surprise(THANK YOU REFS!,sarcasm here) but in a shocker We also have a New Women's Champion as well As South Carolina won its first National championship in School History by defeating Mississippi State in Dallas, Texas but the Miss. State Bulldogs pulled the biggest upset in decades Two night earlier Beating the unstoppable Jugglemant known as Connecticut with a Buzzer beating shot in overtime and that was truly lady David topping Queen Goliath on that night and I even watched the overtime of that historic game and UCONN'S winning streak of over 110 games is now over. Well 2017 is indeed the year of the Carolinas both North and south with The Tarheels winning the Men's basketball Title, the Gamecocks winning the Women's and earlier this year Clemson winning the Football National Championship as well. Well Now that CBK season and Baseball Season is Underway with the still hard to believe it the World series champion Chicago Cubs ready to defend their title against all comers including My Washington Nationals led by Sluggers Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper  flame throwing pitchers Stephen Strasburg and reigning Cy Young Winner Max Scherzer and legendary skipper Dusty baker and now the Postseason begins both in Hockey where my Washington Capitals who by the way won the President's Cup for the second year in a row are still trying to break their Cubbie like curse of getting back into the Stanley Cup and I hope that This year's it will finally happen and also in Basketball when my team the Washington Wizards finally did something for the first time since 1979 win a Division Championship in which that was the longest sports drought of teams But now looking like a team that can get a long run in the postseason and so happen that they will face my new hometown team the Atlanta Hawks in the first round good luck to both teams but the road to the NBA Championship still runs though Golden State and Cleveland the last two Champions and despite their injuries and slumps at the end still are the favorites its gonna be a exciting spring and hopefully early summer in my old hometown of Washington DC. Now for the Sports entertainment Part Well WRESTLEMANIA 33 came and when and it was one of the better WM's despite some flaws to it. With John cena winning his mixed tag match with the Miz and at the end proposed to his girl one of the bella twins, To Seth Rollins defeating his old mentor Triple H and even putting Stephanie though a table, to Brock Lesnar finally beating the man who had his number for years Goldberg for the Universal Title, to SHANE-O-MAC once again giving another electfying WrestleMania moment in defeat by the hands of AJ Styles, To Kevin Owens winning over another legend Chris Jericho, To Bayley successful defended her Raw Women's Title in a fatal four way that including Charlotte Flair Nature boy Ric's daughter, To the Trumphant Return of the Hardy Boyz That's Right Matt and Jeff are back doing what they do best with their death defying stunts and even becoming Tag Team Champions again to the emotional finale as we see The Undertaker take his final ride on the grandiest stage of all and even though he was on the losing end to Roman Reigns in a passing of the torch treatment to many of us great wrestling fans He's a true Legend and Champion and sure fire Hall of famer and also congrats to this year inductees to the WWE hall of famer, Teddy Long, Diamond Dallas Page, Vader, my man Kurt Angle( welcome Back to the WWE, YOU SUCK!, ha-ha just kidding kurt you da man!) and my girl the glamazon Beth Phoenix who is also the wife of Adam Copeland AKA WWE HALL OF FAME wrestler EDGE  as well. Overall a Good but not great WrestleMania. Now for my Top ten List and since Beth made the hall of fame this year here are my top ten Women wrestiers
10. Gail Kim- Used poorly by WWE but is indeed a true great wrestler that finally got to shine on TNA!
 9. AWESOME KONG- she's both big and bad and you don't ever want to mess with her
 8.Mickie James- From Trish Status stalker fan to one of the most decorated women's champion of her own
 7.Wendi Richter- an WWE hall of famer wrestler herself and who can ever forget her and Cyndi Lauper together at the first WM!
 6.Sherri Martel- she was a great wrestler and a great manager to the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty as well
 5.The Faboulous Moohah- The Grandmama of them all and she and her best friend Mae young who was a great wrestler herself in her day was pure comic gold everytime they were on TV together.
 4.Trish Status- She can make you either Love her or Hate her and she was both a great Babyface and Heel but really paid her dues in becoming a technical good wrestler and not just on her beautiful looks and also in the WWE Hall of fame as well.
 3.Beth Phoenix- The Glamazon was indeed the total package of steer strength and pure Beauty and no matter if she was teaming up with her little weak onstage IC champion boyfriend Santino Martella or her awesome team up with third generation WWE Superstar Natalya(another talent badly screwed by WWE) Or even by herself MS.EDGE, the former Divas and Women's champion always Gives her all in the ring.
  2.Lita- Amy Dumas The fiery Redhead high flyer has done it all, from first appearing as Essa Rios Partner (remember him?) To Joining Matt and Jeff Hardy in becoming the High flying Menage a trois in the ring to even being Kane's wife onstage and being a part of the Edge/Matt Hardy fued offstage afterwards years ago. I always loved her style and she doesn't mind sheding a little blood onstage either.
and Number one... The Ninth Wonder of the World Ms. Joanne Laurer AKA Chyna the first Woman wrestler who participated in the Royal Rumble in 1999 Then become the first woman to win the Intercontenial Title later that year before finally winning the Women's Title two years laler.Its hard to believe that its been only a year ago that The Wonder woman of Wrestling had left this earth and I still miss her but I know that she and Eddie Guerrero are having fun right now up in heaven.
                   Speaking of that Its time for the Obits and first we start with a comic genius Donald Jay Rickels(1926-2017) the proud Queens New York Native who style of Stand up comedy that insults people and kind of made him the white Richard Pryor and was not ashamed of it and his legendary work lasted thru decades thru films such as Slient Run Deep(1958) and Kelly's Heroes(1970) to a popular guest on TV Talk shows such as The Tonight show with Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman and even won over the younger generation with his portrayal of Mr. Potato head in the Toy Story movies.  He died of kidney failure in his Beverly Hills California at the age of 90 and last night we lost a Legend in Rock music in John Gelis(1946-2017) who was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, don't know him? he's the founder and leader of the Legendary Rock Band The J.Geils Band. His many heroes in music which includes Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Muddy Waters that topheavy influenced his music style of R&B and Jazz into Rock and for five decades he and his band spanned many hits including their biggest hits The top five hit of 1981"' Freeze Frame" and their only number one smash from 1982 "Centerfold", He died at the age of 71 in his Massachusetts home and also Charlie Murphy(1959-2017) the brother of Comedic ICON Eddie Murphy died today at the age of 57 and he was just as funny as his famous little Brother especially on Dave Chappelle's show when he did his skit about his times hanging out with his and Eddie's best friend Rick James and that was my favorite episode of the series Damn what a shocker!  Rest in Paradise to the two legends and condolscenes as well to their families and friends. Thank you all once again for all the great llama badges and Dev watches as well. Next time I will have my review of the FATE of the Furious which promised to be the most emotional and explosive of the Fast and furious flims can't wait for it and before I go here's a poem that for the Holy week.

Pastors are true men and women of God that spreads the holy word
Always do their mission to do the work in the name of the Lord

They're chosen leaders of their churches to give spiritual guidance to people
Teaching them the gospel of God from the Holy Bible

They also their to perform at weddings for the bride and gloom to marry
And at funerals to do the eulogy of an person who pass before the body is to be bury

They even do baptisms as well to christened a baby newly born to this earth
Blessing it with a kiss for the parents who named the infant after its birth

Pastors are people that got Jesus Love in their Christian hearts for to share
Preaching in the Lord's name in front of the people to show them they really care

Pastors are loyal and always answer the call for people who are down and out
They tell us to keep saying our prayers every night to give thanks for what we got
Always put God's first in their lives because he made us that what's about

Pastors are there if you need a shoulder to cry on when you think that life's too rough
They always tell you that Jesus will always be with you even when the going's gets tough

Pastors are people that show love to every man and woman lending them a helping hand
Putting enough faith and trust in them to show them they'll understand

Pastors are people who keeps an Open mind and preaches God's word in love and wisdom
Knowing that they now have an relationship with Jesus Christ and their souls been cleaned to someday get into heaven's kingdom

Pastors along with Popes, Ministers, Reverends, Deacons, Deaconesses, Priests and nuns are true people under the cloth
Who made personal sacifices in their lives for something that they believe in God proving their worth

in the end we truly need good people like them in this world today to combat all the Devil's plans that are evil and sinister
They got the power and strength of the Lord inside them to do what's right and they're indeed true pastors

until next time America, and Happy Easter! Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

"Some People say funny things but I said things funny! Don Rickels!


 Hi There once again DA family,

          its me ei9 with another great Journal for all of you to enjoy Well April arrives this weekend and its a star Packed weekend indeed with first the NCAA Final Four first the Women start their on Friday Night where the Unstoppable UCONN lady huskies proud owners of an 110 game winning streak and winners of the last four National chammpionships will try to extend its legendary streaks against the likes of Stanford, Mississippi State and South Carolina In Dallas Texas and Speaking of South Carolina they did the same thing Syracuse did last year sending both its Women's and Men's team into the final four and the Men Gamecocks will be making their first ever trip in the final Four as they battled another First time customer in the Gonzaga Bulldogs the long time Mid Major power that finally broke thru while in the other Game the Other more familiar Carolina team that has a great tradition in the Tournament The North Carolina Tarheels who they were the only team that I got right making this far on my bracket and as you already known its busted up compleiety and they will face The Oregon Ducks who after 78 years of frustration are finally back in in FF since 1939 the year of the very first NCAA Tournament in which they beat Ohio State to win the NCAA Title and the men will battled in out in Scottdale, Arizona and i'm only joking here but if we have an Oregon/Gonzage Final the championship should be move to Seattle, Washington because they got strong fan bases back home  in the Pacific Northwest and if we have a North Carolina/South Carolina final well maybe it should be moved to Charlotte, North Carolina because they instate neighbors after all(ha-ha) but good luck to all the teams both men and women's as well. The Second big thing that's happening this weekend is of course the Event that legends are made and the mecca of immortals That's Right WrestleMania  the annual Super Bowl of wrestling is back for its 33rd edition in Disneyworld itself Orlando, Florida SUNDAY night and like all the previous WM's it got a stacked blockbuster card including former WWE Champs John Cena and the Miz renewing their rivary once again this time in a mixed tag team match with Nikki Bella on Cena's side and Maryse on the Miz's corner, Another former champion of the WWE Triple H battles his former protegee Seth Rollins in a no holds barred match, Smackdown Commisioner and Vince McMahon's son Shane battles AJ Styles that if styles wins he's freed to go Wrestle on Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose defends his Intercontinental championship aganst Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt of the haunting Wyatt family puts his WWE Smackdown championship on the line against another third generation WWE superstar and former champ Randy Orton, Another legendary Star Chris Jericho puts the United states title against Rising star and former RAW champ Kevin Owens, The women formerly the Divas will show out their stuff in the sun as well as Bayley defends the RAW women's championship in a fatal four way against Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair that's right she's the daughter of the Nature boy himself Ric Flair! while Smackdown Women's Champ Alexa Bliss defended her title all of the ladies in her foster but the two biggest storylines of the night will be Can Brock Lesnar finally defeat his rival Bill Goldberg in the RAW UNiVERSAL title with Paul Heyman on his corner once again and I know that Brock's lady, Sable will be there as well hey if Rock can finally beat Stone Cold Steve Austin on his third try at WM why not ole brock and finally in his possible last ever WrestleMania Can the Phenom and future Hall of famer The Undertaker go out on top against everybody new favorite wrestler to Hate Roman Reigns and it will be absolutely electric when the Dead man rises again and hats off to you Mark Calloway for making Taker one of the all time greats in Wrestling! lets just hope the WM33 Lives up to the hype as well even Mainstream outlets ESPN and Fox sports is covering it.
      Now the moment that all of you been waiting for my Movie review of the Live action version of Disney's Classic Beauty and the Beast and just like I thought it was a beautiful and good movie to watch as its successful follow suit to the 1991 Orignal animated flim shot with all the classic memorable songs such as Be Our guest, Gaston's song and Beauty and the beast, Emma Watson was indeed good as the very beautiful and courageous lead female Belle who was the most beautiful girl in the land and the object of the lusting desires of the Evil muscleman Gaston played wickedly good by Luke Evans(after all he played Dracula recently you know, ha-ha!) that is admired by his biggest fan and  right hand man Lefou played by Josh Gad and no I wasn't bothered by all the purposed Gay tones of the movie at all. Belle lives at home with her loving and protective father Maurice played by the always funny and entertaining Kevin Kline who one night rraveled to the haunted castle to retrieve the rose for his daughter but is eventually captured by the Beast played by Dan Stevens who he and his loyal servants was cursed by a spell by a myserious Enchantess in which he was a handsome prince in search of love but looked down on the enchantess who disquished herself as a old lady become she was ugly and that was turned into the beast and the only way to break the curse is that he meets a girl that truly loves him from the inside. Belle then rescues her father and after confronting the beast into making her his prisoner instead Maurice was set free and vowed to come back to free her just like she freed him. as you can Imagine it wasn't the greatest of starts between Belle and beastly at first but The equally cursed servants turned household objects console belle telling her that he wasn't always the monster that he became just needed someone for guidance and caring. The Cast including The Other wonderful Emma, Nanny McPhee herself Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts and Nathan Mack as her son Chip, Stanley Tucci as the Excitable Organ and Opera Legend Audra McDonald as the Talking Wardrobe, The Lovely Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the good hearted feather duster, Obi wan Kenodi AKA Ewan Mcgregor as the suave Candelabra and the always entertaining Ian Mckellen as his good friend the ancient clock and all of them do shine in their singing and acting leaving you mesmerized. Back to the movie after the Beast  scowned belle for being around the dying rose then later saves Belle from the wolves the two eventual lovebirds finally get to know each other well  we finally see the iconic dance with Belle wearing the legendary yellow dress before the beast to her that her father's in great danger and Belle rushes back to the village to save him Gaston shows his true evil colors after leaving Maurice in the woods to be eaten by the wolves but the enchantess found him and took him in to her home in which he tell the town people that Maurice tries to kill him but Gaston told the crowd that Maurice gone crazy missing his daughter and after locked both him and belle up and he and the town people went to the castle to kill the beast. But they had another thing coming as the objects held their own and the funniest part in which the talking wardrobe crossdressing three of Gaston's trust men and after one of them even liked it and walked off smiling(ha-ha!) after belle and her father were freed she went back to the castle to find the beast, Gaston and the beast had their battle atop the castle and after Beast spared his life Gaston shot him anyway but the bad guy got what coming to him at the end as he fell into his deatn in the crimbling castle and Belle was mourning the lost of her friend and everything looked lost for the moment but the enchantness came back to the palace to restore the magic Rose to its full stage and by love of belle's heart the curse has finally been broken as the Beast turned back to a handsome prince and his loyal subjects were back as humans again a very lovely ending indeed and three and a half wonderful stars for this worthy remake in fact its the best one so far and can't wait for Mulan to come out next year.
     Now for the Obits including the two Chucks that we lost last week first Charles Edward Anderson Berry(1926-2017) the St.Louis Missouri Native who became one of the true pioneers of Rock of Roll music with his legendary songs such as Maybellene(1955), Rock and Roll Music(1957) and Johnny B.Goode(1958) He refined and developed rhythm and blues into the major elements in Rock and roll distinctive and developing a music style that included guitar solos and showmanship and was a major influence and subsequent Rock music. He was among the very first musicians to be induced into the Rock and roll hall of fame in its opening in 1986 having laid the groundwork to the genre yet despite his problems in his later years he was always respected by all the fellow muscians for the past six decades he died at the age of 90 in his homestate of Missouri. then later we lost Charles Hirsch Barris(1929-2017) the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native who after graduated from Drexel University in 1953 became one of the most underrated great hosts and producers and creators for Television creating such shows as the Dating Game and the Newlywed Game but is best known as the freespirted  host of one of the best loved and popular shows in the 1970's the orginal reality series The Gong show which ran for 1976-80 with its panel of judges including the likes of Jamie Farr, Jaye P.Morgan among others and entertaining cast of characters including the Unknown Comic and Gene, Gene the dancing machine( I Love that show growing up!) he also a songwriter that wrote the song hit Palisades Park for Freddy Cannon and the author of his own autobiography "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'' directed by George Clooney. He died of lung cancer at the age of 87 in his New York in the arms of his third wife Mary. and the last obit is one from the sports world Its William Clay Matthews Senior(1928-2017) The Charleston, South Carolina native who were the Patarich to the long growing Mathews family dynasty family tree. after he graduated from Georgia Tech in 1949 played four seasons in the NFL all with the San Francisco 49ers where he was an offensive lineman and even served time in the milltary during his playing career he's the father of Pro Bowler Clay Matthews jr and Football Hall of famer Bruce and Grandfather of current Green bay packers Linebacker Clay III  Carolina Panthers Center Kevin, Atlanta Falcons Tackle Jake, and Minnesota Vikings Linebacker Casey, He died at the age of 88 in his native South Carolina. Rest in Paradise to the two Chucks and Clay! Well thanks once again for all your great support though the years and I can see that my llama badges, and Dev Watchers just continue to grow everytime and I just love being here in Deviant Art. Next month my reviews of WrestleMania, The NCAA Championships and a movie review of the Fate and the Furious as well as another Top ten list as well. Happy Spring to all of you and here's another poem for you to enjoy and this time it a epic sweet spring love story

                                                       Geisha Girl of My Dreams

I dreamed about being in the Far East in the beautiful Country of Japan
A place with many traditions and cultures and the land of the rising sun

When I first laid eyes on her, she was my Geisha Girl of my Dreams
She light up my life and made my heart shine like sunbeams

One night in the teahouse when I first saw her beautiful face
With her unique hairstyle exotic mime makeup and colorful dress, she was the most stunning being in the place

She' also charmed me with her sweet personality and hospitality along with her artful and skilled dance
All of the sudden she led me to her secret hideout and we made sweet love in a night of romance

Her Lips were as sweet as honey as we made our passionate kiss
Our two worlds joined together in full eternal bliss

We were undressed and gave in to our most passionate desire
I Thought that I was bringing in the heat but she was even hotter than a dragon's fire

After that the morning rises and she told me that I've had to go
But we told each other we will never forget this night and are the only ones to know
I will never find another girl like her in Japan if I have to travel from Osaka to Tokyo

but all of a sudden I woke up from another one of my wet dreams that even had me come
So this if for the woman who's just as a prized Japanese treasure like the Cherry Blossoms
For she captured my heart as my geisha girl of my dreams

until next time America, Eric Isaac AKA Ei9 Atlanta Georgia

''Think of the one thing that you're always wanted. Now find it in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart"-Dan Stevens The beast-Beauty and the Beast"

 Hi There once again DA family,

     Its me ei9 once again with another Journal for all of you to enjoy. Well we are at the middle of march now and its a Big time weekend coming up with St. Patrick Day's on Friday but the other big thing that happening this weekend is indeed the NCAA Tournament and the road to the final four begins for 68 teams all chasing down a dream to a trip to Scottsdale Arizona to play for the National Championship and I hope that all of you made your brackets alreaday as did I and if you haven't started already you still got time even though the tourney starts tonight and tomorrow night with the Play-in games in Dayton,Ohio the real fun starts on Thursday and the biggest questions this year is can Villanova repeat as champs are will we have a Brand New champion on the men's side and also who in the world can stop The Undefeated Defending National Champion Connecticut lady Huskies which it has so far won over 100 games in a row on the Women's side which they road to the final four will be in Dallas, Texas this year, Well My final four Picks for the men as it goes Villanova in the East, North Carolina in the South, Kansas In the Midwest and Arizona in the West and My National Champion for the second year in a row a Group of Wildcats will cut down the nets But it will be Arizona celebraiting in their homestate over Kansas and Good luck to anybody challenging UCONN in the women's side as well. Now the first of my two big time Movie reviews Well I saw the magnificent Farewell to one of the greatest comic book movie heroes of this century so far and I do indeed taking about The One and only "LOGAN" and this movie sure delivered the goods. Hugh Jackman was no doubt masterful, memorable and emotional great in his swan song as the once mighty X-Man Wolverine but is now reduced to a bitter broken down old man in the year 2029 living in Mexico working as a chauffeur with him and his old friend and Mentor Professor Charles Xavier once again played wonderfully by Patrick Stewart now 90 years old himself and going thru dementria in his old age while Logan pushing 200 himself and they are the only two surviving mutants left in this earth while everybody else is dead and gone but until Professor X introduces Logan to a new young Mutant girl named Laura AKA X-23 played by Dafne Keen and she's indeed stole the show as the New badass female Wolverine and let me tell ya this ain't no Kiddie superhero movie at all their are many Blood, guts, and bodyparts being spilled in the movie and Laura and Logan each got their share of slicing and dicing up the bad guys led by Donald Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook and Dr.Rice played by Richard E.Grant as they chased down Logan, Laura and Charles from Mexico to all the way to Canada.They were some few poligent moments like the mutant threesome befriended a Black Ranch family( Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Quincy Fouse) after they helped them out on the road and even had dinner with them at their Ranch home But sadly the family as well as Professor X Are killed by pierce and his cronies including a Younger clone of Logan called Rickers. the dramatic emotional climax was indeed a tear jerker as Laura and the other Kiddie Mutants who she and Logan met in Canada were killing off the bad guys Pierce and Rice Logan will all of his healing powers are gone and suffering from cancer in the Brain from the admantium in his body over the years have one final battle with his evil younger clone and after Laura kills off the clone Logan dies in her arms and she even says a few words before she buried him just like Logan buried Charles earlier in the flim and the Johnny Cash song Hurt plays out at the end. Logan is indeed a true love letter to Wolverine Fans Everywhere and easily the Best Superhero Movie of 2017 so far even though it's not really a Superhero movie. a Four star classic no doubt and Mr. Jackman take a bow, You deserved a well earned retirement from the legendary claws! Now  for the second big movie review is no doubt about the Biggest Baddest Ape of them all in fact He's truly the King! its KONG;Skull Island and its truly a Fun Monster Movie to watch in fact its a fun great combination of all the great goofy monster movies of the 1960's and 1970's and all of the great vietmam War movies of the 1980's as well(Apocalyse Now,Platoom, etc) The story is about a group of Government Hacked scientists lead by Bill Randa played by the always entertaining John Goodman, who been eyeing on a mysterious unexployed Island which many secrets to be desired and beyond Humanity possible  so a group of scientists including Mason Weaver played by Brie Larson accompanied by a Milltary Unit led by Lt. Col Preston Packard played by the always colorful and my Main man Samuel L. Jackson and also including a Mercenary James Conrad played by the equally Talented Tom Hiddleston Wow How about that This movie has Three of the characters of the Marvel Universe, Loki(Hiddleston) Captain Marvel(Larson) and Nick Fury(Jackson) Maybe you think they might all the Avengers to stop Kong partically the Hulk that would be fun but the actor who steals the show is John C. Reilly who plays Hank Marlow a Survivor on the Island who tells the Legend of Kong and the Other monsters to the others But the star of stars in the flim is the Big Guy himself  he indeed looked awesome and wastes no time making his grand appearance in swating away helicopters and scarring off the survivors and We even some Kickass Monster Battles Between Kong and the Other Monsters as well. We even see Kong get a new gal Pal in Mason as well But this time romance doesn't him(ha-ha) although poor Sammy L. gets it again in a monster movie when Kong Smashes him with his giant fist Before he say his famous Muthafucker catch phrase this is not the first time that we see Brother sam die remember the Raptors in Jurrasic Park  or the Shark in Deep Blue SEA as well(ha-ha!) The remaining survivors escaped skull Island and headed back home in the mainland with Kong looking on but after the end credits Well see Mason and James being invited by a group of Scientists in Japan and they futher know about the truth about Kong and some rather other familiar Monsters who were created by radioation and we are still among us and yes I'm talking about Mothra, Rodan, King Ghildran the three headed monster from space and of Course you know who...GODZILLA!!! who will be back next year in the big screen of Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters with all the other monsters and I can't wait for Godzilla vs.Kong to happen in 2020 as well for the MonsterVerse to begin! Skull Island a fun Joyride of a movie and I give it three stars! So that my Movie reviews of the two movies and go watch them both! Now as for this Month's Top Ten List and this list in order the ten X-men movies so far in ranking from worst to first.
10. X-Men Orgins: Wolverine - despite of the greatness of Hugh Jackson this movie was indeed flat and a Lameduck first  Deadpool appearance by Ryan Reynolds,Give me a break. at least we saw Gambit that was cool.
9.X-Men: The Last Stand- I understand having the Dark Phoenix saga into the big screen but to have both X-MEN mainstays Cyclops and Professor X Die so early in the flim then have Mystque and Magneto lose their powers completely at the end that was so bogus and the rushed Jean/Logan romance as well.
8.X-MEN Apocalyse - I had High hopes for this flim last summer after all it has coming after the huge success of Days of Future Past and had the red Hot Oscar Isaac as the main baddie Apcalypse but despite a few great memories Quicksliver saving everybody with his speed and performances by James Alvory's Professor X and Michael Fassbender's Magneto the movie was a mere disappointment.
7. The Wolverine: A Much better follow up flim for Wolvie in his adventures in Japan discovering who he really is while facing things that will forever change his life and dreams of his love Jean as well.
6.Deadpool: Not really a X-MEN movie but who cares. This time they got it right with Ryan Reynolds Lovable Anti-hero with his trademark wisecracking humor and his unwillingly team up with Colossius and Negasonic Teenage warhead who indeed stole the show in the movie was pure gold Can't wait for Deadpool 2 to come out next year with the appearance of Cable!
5.X-men- The one that started it all 17 years ago with Professior X, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Iceman and Rogue battling Magneto, Sabertooth, Toad, Mystique on the big screen was a dream come true and helping opened the doors for the likes of Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and all the other household marvel names to have their own flims!
4.X-MEN:First Class - The successful kickstart reboot to the X-MEN movie saga and We finally saw How Charles and Erik was indeed the best of friends at first when they were young forming the X-men with Charles adopted sister Raven Aka Mystique  to in time become enemies with Professsor X wanted humans and mutans to live together and learn together while Magneto wants to destroy mankind and that mutans are superior!
3.X-men United- The even better follow up to the good first one with new characters Both Good( Nightcrawler, Shadowcat) and Bad (Lady Deathstrike, Pyro) as the X-MEN tries to save the President from the Evil Mutants and what a cool kiss between Iceman and Rogue as well.
2.X-Men:Days of Futures Past- The One that got all the X-Men FAN nation into tears of Joy as this time Wolverine is sent into the past and meet the Younger versions of Charles and Erik to save the future of Earth from Destruction and it was so cool to see both young and old Professor X in a face off as well also fun to see old friends Storm, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue and Iceman again as well as new ones Bishop and Kitty Pride as well A true masterpiece!
and number one of course the Newest one LOGAN with both Jackman and Stewart at their finest playing their Legendary roies one last time And a star in the making in Keen as Laura The Movie will pull your heartstrings at the end but not before slashing it off at first(ha-ha!) That's my list.
   Now time for the obits and this time there's only one this time and its a person who were a part of one of the successful girl groups of the late 1970's and early 1980's she's Joni Sledge(1957-2017) one of the members of the group Sister Sledge who rosed from their hometown of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1971 first as backup singers before hooking up with legendary music Producers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards the leaders of the hit Disco Group Chic  and together their help produced the 1979 smash album "We Are Family" which included two number one songs "He's the Greatest Dancer and The famous Title track in which still all these years later continued to be an stable in R&B and Soul Music and an anthem of Family Togetherness and even a rally cry for the Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 world series title run as well. Their other hits include 'Got to Love somebody and "All American Girls''. Joni Died at the age of 60 in her Phoenix, Arizona home. my condolescenes are with the Sledge Family and Rest in Paradise Joni you're now in Soul heaven now! Well thanks again for all the great reponsives, Llama Badges and Dev Watches over the years and you know that I'M always grateful for that Next month My review of the Live action Disney Beauty and the Beast starting Emma Watson as Belle and its got a much kindler gentler monster in Dan Stevens as the Beast(ha-ha!) as well as my Final Four and WrestleMania previews as well. Before I go here's another poem for you to enjoy and its a trbute to my favorite brand of tennis shoes Just like Run-DMC loves adidas but I love.....

                                                               My Nikes
I have wore sneakers ever since I was born a little tyke
And my favorite ones while growing up was nike

I got my first pair when I was eight and they were green
I've seen them come in red, blue, black, white, even orange but I got the first ones came into the scene

I became hooked on Nike ever since I was twelve and they always feel good on my feet
Whenever I'm at school, In the movies or just walking across the street

Nike has always been my shoes whenever I'm being with my girlfriend or playing basketball
I love wearing them all year though winter, spring, summer and fall

I had and worn several pairs over the years from high tops to low tops
And I will continue to buy and wear them until God tells me to stop

As you can see they been my sneakers even before Michael Jordan
Wearing many colors of them including the ones of my favorite college basketball team Georgetown

Run-DMC has their Adidas and Dr.J, Bird and Magic had their Converse
But I choose the shoes with the famous swoosh and stay my course

Don't you know that true story of Nike was its namesake was the Goddess of Victory
She was a Vision of Loveliness that achieve glory

So this goes out to the man Phil Knight and his Oregon based shoe empire that's Nike
They'll always be my shoes or My name's not E.IKE

Until Next time America, Happy St. Paddy's Day! Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

So, this is what it feels like-Logan(Hugh Jackman)
 Hi There Once again DA Family,

     Its me ei9 with yet another Journal for all of you to enjoy Well February's over and now MARCH is here and along with the traditional Saint Patrick's Day Holiday and of course The March Madness that is the NCAA college Basketball Tournament for both men and women later this month. Well there were some very early march madness at the Academy Awards this past Sunday with the big snafu at the end. Well at least one thing that This year's Oscars was more diversive and equality than last year's Whiteout in fact it was so white that they needed Chris Rock to be the host(ha-ha!) anyway the 89th edition was filled with fun, music, Politics and even some Surprises From Justin Timberlake starting off the evening with a rousing performance of his song from the Animated movie Trolls "Can't stop the feeling then morphed to a touching remake of Bill withers timeless classic Lovely day, To Oscars Host Jimmy Kimmel bringing his rauchy and funny style from his late night talk show from reading Mean tweets about his show, to bringing an unsuspected Starlite Tour group on to the stage to rub elbows with the big time celebrites including Denzel Washington to even reading Donald Trump's Tweets thru the night and that was a hoot itself. To Bright young star Auli'l Cravalho accidently being hit on the head by a stray fabric wave during her performance with her Moana Co-Star Dwanye" The Rock''Johnson, To the director of Best Foreign flim"The Salesman" choose not to appear in person because he was taking a standing against Trump's Muslim Ban and the crowd cheered when one of the actresses accepted the award in his behalf and made the speech. Now as for the Oscar winners of the night Disney's Zootophia Won Best Animated Feature Flim, ESPN's Very Powerful 30 for 30 made TV movie OJ;Made in America won Best Documentary Flim and also ESPN's first Oscar, Hacksaw Ridge won two Oscars including best flim editing, one of Disney's other smash hits of 2016  the live action versionThe Jungle Book won best Visual Effects, The Harry Potter prequel ''Fantastic Beasts won Best Costume Design and Yes the biggest shocker of the night No not the Best Picture gaffe I get to that later is that DC Comics Movie Suicide Squad won a Oscar!?! That's right it did and it was for best makeup and hairstyling Well I said that it was the best movie made by DC Comics last year while poor Batman Vs, Superman was in the running for Worst movie of the year at the RAZZIES  the bizzaro answer to the Oscars for bad movies of this past year.Now for the main awards Ben Affleck Little Bro Casey won Best Actor for Manchester by the sea even though I wanted Denzel to win for Fences, The very beautiful Emma Stone won her first Oscar for the musical La-La Land while her director Damien Chazelle won the Oscar for Best Director and its was great to see two more Black performers win a Oscar First Viola Davis who had a very memorable 2016 and was Emma stone's Co star in the 2011 hit movie the HELP along with fellow Oscar nominee Octivia spencer for Hidden figures and also was Amanda waller in Suicide Squad and even got her own hit ABC-TV series ''How to get Away with Murder'' won for best supporting actrees for Fences and gave a really powerful and poigent speech at the end and of course the Cinderella story of the night has to be former college basketball player to actor Mahershala Ali (No relation to the greatest Muhammad Ali) a man who had indeed played his dues in acting in both Television in the Movies and is a Proud Muslim himself, take that Donald1 won Best Supporting Actor for his Powerful role as the Drug dealer and father figure to a young Gay Black teen living in povelity in Miami,Florida, Moonlight and speaking of that The show ends with its regular Best picture announcement and with legendary Hollywood Stars Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty as the presenters but things got a little wild and comical after that when the envelope was passed to them when Faye announced that La-La Land was the winner but there's one Big Time problem... THEY HAD THE WRONG ENVELOPE!!!!! But Warren quickly knew about this after all He was Dick Tracy you know(ha-ha!) and bravely told the La-LA land crew that they had made a mistake in that Moonlight was the Real winner and everybody was in shocked indeed including the Cast of Moonlight who was already on stage, Well Steve Harvey all is forgiven you're finally of the Hook! Overall a very strange, funny powerful but better Oscars than last year's #WHYOSCARSSOWHITE Fiasco and still hope that show will have many more deserving minority nominates in the future.
              Now for the Obits and first an actor who never won an Oscar nor a Emmy but won over the love and respect of many his peers and fans though his years in show business William''Bill''Paxton(1955-2017) the Texas Native of the Dallas/Fort Worth area who appearered in such great popcorn action movies such as the Orginal Terminator(1984), Aliens(1986) Predator 2(1990) True Lies(1994) Twister(1996) and Oscar worthy flims like Apollo 13(1995) and Titanic(1997) he also started in the The HBO TV series Big Love(2006-2011) and was even nominated for a Emmy award for the miniseries the Hatfields and the McCoys. He Died of Complicians following heart surgery at the age of 61 on the eve of the Oscars. The next three obits are from the world of Wrestling  first  another Wiiliam, William James Myers(1937-2017) The Michigan Native that thrived on sports such as Track and field, Baseball, Basketball and football thru High school and after graduating from Michigan State with a Bachelor Degree in Science and later a master degree from Central Michigan he became a high school Teacher as well as a coach of Football and amateur wresting in a local Michigan high school and was even inducted into the State's coaches Hall of fame But We all remember mostly as one of the pioneers of Wrestling George the Animal Steele whose career lasted 2i years (1967-1988) but still was a poplular character and person both on and offstage and is a member of the WWE Hall of fame he died of Kidney failure at the age of 79. The second of the three who died a day later Ivan Koloff(1942-2017) The Canadian born wrestler who Nickname of the Russian bear and once held the then WWF Championship and had some great battles and rivaries with the great babyface Wrestlers back in the day Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Superstar Billy Graham and of course the great Bruno Samartino even ending Samartino's seven and a half year run as champion in 1971 in the mecca of all sports Madison Square Garden in New York City,and even teamed up with the other great heel wrestlers such as The Iron Sheik and Stan THE MAN Stasiak and also in the WWE hall of fame as well he died of Liver cancer at the age of 74 and finally the last one is a little personal for me became I was such a huge fan of hers ever since the 1990's and no matter what you say nor think that either she was really a woman or man She was indeed a big Goofy gentle giantless to all that she touched in their lives and hers as well including Howard Stern. That's right The one and only Nicole Bass(1952-2017) the proud native New Yorker who was at one point the world's largest female athlete standing at a towering 6'3 and 240ibs of pure muscle. She enjoyed a successful career in Bodybuilding at first including winning the 1997 nationals where she won both the Heavyweight division and overall and got her pro card in the process and even appeared in the Miss Olympia later that year before making the switch to Wrestling appearing first in ECW then later in WWE in 1999 she was also made TV appearences in both Montell Williams and Geraldo Rivera shows and was a regular guest on the Howard stern Show as well and the moment that I'll always remember is Howard telling her and her then husband bob fuchs who passed away a few years ago to tongue kiss each other to prove that they truly love each other and they did and I admit that was so hot make me wish wanting to kiss her. I have a few autographed pics of her though the years and always treasure them. She died of a stroke at the age of 52. Rest In Paradise to all of them partically to Nicole and she's the reason that I'm so in love with Big Female muscle artwork and photography as well as a fan of Women's bodybuilding, gymnastics Swimming, basketball and the  women's Crossfit games as well.
       Well Thanks once again for all your great support thru the years and Next time I will have my movie review of Hugh Jackman's last hurrah as the great X-man Wolverine in LOGAN which also the return of Patrick Stewart as Profeessor X and the movie debut of the new girl wolverine Laura AKA X-23 and I can't wait for it she's already a true badass! plus another top ten list for you Before I go here another Poem for you to enjoy and its the annual celebration down south in the end of February

                                                                   MARDI GRAS

Oh there's nothing like a Mardi Gras at this time of year
Where's New Orleans the party capital of the world where everyone spreading cheer

Its unique style of celebrations and food that makes it so very special
From the parade floats and performers to even its food festival

To the King Cakes, Jumberlaya and always great tasting gumbo
To the hot women willing to bare it all and getting some beets on the go

Listening to all the bands parading down bourbon street
Having the crowd dress in their costumers and masks dancing and on their feet

Its always a funtime to be there especially on Fat Tuesday
Where the really outrageous things happened peoples go all the way

So head down to Louisiana next February for the speculator wonder that you'll be in awe
Because its only comes once a year it's the annual New Orleans Mardi Gras

until next time America Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

'Living out Loud is living a life that's bigger than yourself, Living out loud is long after you're gone, You leave something on this earth that's bigger than yourself-Viola Davis!

 Hi there once again DA Family,

         Its me ei9 with another Journal to share with that is oh so 100% ULTRA EPIC SWEETNESS mixed in with some BADASS AWESOMENESS and a touch of KICKASS GREATNESS to go! well this Month is already something else and hope that all of you enjoyed your Valentine's day the other day and mine was awesome. Well the first part is dedicated to Sports and I thought that last month's college football national championship rematch between Clemson and Alabama was awesome Then SUPER BOWL LI was indeed one for the ages and already the game of the year so far. for three amazing quarters It looked like the Lombradi Trophy was finally making its first trip to the ATL as the Atlanta Falcons and League MVP quarterback Matt Ryan was making the New England Defense look like mince meat with their high powered offense and even had a 25 point lead into the fourth quarter But Like I told all of my friends and family down here who are fans of the Dirty birds NEVER  EVER count out Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick and the Patriots because of their great history the last 16 years and sure enough we ourselves watched the greatest Comeback in Super Bowl history let alone the very first overtime game in SB history as the Golden Boy lead the pats to a 34-28 thriller win as RB James white scored the winning touchdown in OT and Mr. Brady who was named The Game's MVP Now got more championships(five) than his childhood hero growing up in the Bay Area California, Hall of famer Joe Montana and cemented himself as the greatest quarterback of this generation while his coach Bellichick has already will go down as one of the greatest coaches ever. Now as for the poor Falcons who the media been calling them Choking Dogs ever since, I say to all my friends family and everybody else in Falcon Nation in the words of Tupac Shakur'' Keep ya heads Up" ya'll time will come soon and I heard that Super Bowl 53 Will even be right here in Atlanta, Georgia in the Falcons' new home Mercedes-Benz Stadium in two years. Now that Football Season's over we can finally turn our attention to the stretch run of both Basketball and Hockey seasons Where i'm so proud that my native Hometown teams the Washington Wizards and The Washington Capitals are in First Place in their own divisions and both are being lead by MVP candidates Point Guard John Wall of the WIZ and Forward Alex Overckin of the Caps as well. Wish that I was back in DC and hoping that it will lead into a most memorable postseason for both to at least get into the Conference finals if not the Championship especially the Stanley Cup for the Caps they are put in in writing OVERDUE for a title, Hey if the Chicago Cubs can finally win a championship after over 100 years of frustration why can't the caps In fact it been 25 years since my beloved Skins gave DC its last Sports title and hoping that the drought will finally end this year! One more thing on Sports congrats to the Undisputed Wonder Woman of Tennis Ms. Serena Williams on her record breaking 23rd major singles title in her legendary career as she defeated of all people Her big sister Venus who was and still is a great classy champion of an athlete and woman as well in the Australlian Open a few weeks back and after the emotional contest the two siblings embraced each other at the end and Serena even told the world that She would never be the great champion that she is today without her whole family behind her and Venus and all of the other great legends helped paved the way for her to succeed. The Williams Sisters truly had changed the face of Tennis in the last 20 years just like Tiger Woods changed the face of Golf and since this is Black History month Here are my top ten list of the most inspiration Black sports athletes in History,
10. Jesse Owens- he stared down on Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany in its evil face  and ran off with the Gold in the Olympics in 1936!
9.  Serena Williams- Arguedy the greatest Women's tennis player of this or any generation
8.  Tiger Woods- his 14 major championships in golf is only second to Jack Nicholas and broke the barrier for minorities in the sport
7.Wilma Rudolph- overcome poverty and polio to be one of the greatest champions in Olympic History
6.Hank Aaron- Overcome Racism growing up in the South to break Babe Ruth's long standing baseball home run record and became an icon in his own right to people of all colors, races and religions alike.
5.Michael Jordan- the Greatest Basketball player of my generation with a Olympic Gold medal, an NCAA national Championship and six NBA World Championships to boot for this hall of famer no wonder we all wanna be like Mike"
4.Jim Brown- An Living legend, A True Icon and to most people the Greatest Football player of all time.
3.Bill Russell- The greatest Winner of all time with a NBA League record Eleven Championships in helping Red Auerbach's Boston Celtics become the Dynasty in the 1960's even winning one as a Player-Coach in 1969!
2.Muhammad Ali- always was and always will be the Greatest of all time not only because of his great boxing career but also taking a stand for his own beliefs in his new Muslim cuture and becoming a international globial Icon.
and finally number one.. Jackie Robinson The very first black player in major league baseball who survived it all to racism to hate mail and even some of his own teammates but at the end was embraced by all people of all colors and races and his legendary Jersey number 42 is retired by all 30 major league teams.
     Now on to Last Sunday Grammies award and while it's not as good as the past Grammies of the last few years with LL Cool J as the host I thought that James Corden did a good job as the new host and was funny on occasion. Among the winners of the night are Hip Hop artist Chance the Rapper who won two Grammies including Best New artist and Best Rap album. The Late great David Bowie won five including best Rock song and Rock Album, In the Country/Western music categories the winners were Tim McGraw, Maren Morris and Pentatonix feat. Jolene and the legendary Dolly Parton. another Country Music Legend Willie Nelson won Best Pop Vocal album for Willie Nelson sings Gershwin. Drake won Best Rap song for Hotline Bling. Kirk Franklin won Best Gospel Album for Losing My Religion, Lalah Hathaway the Daughter of Soul Legend Donny Hathaway won Best Traditional R&B Performance for her remake of Anita Baker's classic hit "Angel"'Solange Knowles(Beyoncé's little sister) won Best R&B performance for Cranes in the sky and speaking of her famous big sister The Oueen Bey Won two more Grammies but had one of the more stunning and creative performances of the night Coming out proudly ten months pregnant with her soon to be twins to perform 'Love Drought" and she's was good as Golden with her outfit and all even thought I was worried about her falling off in stage again but Thanked God it didn't happen(ha-ha!) The star of all stars on the night was indeed Adele who won five Grammies for her album "25" and her song "Hello"' And she performed a Tribute to her fallen friend and hero George Michael with her surreal haunting ballad of Michael's Pop hit Fastlove but had to stop herself during the performance and redid it again to the crowd and she also showed more class after she won best Pop album and said that Beyoncé should have won and have the greatest respect for her as an artist and a proud mum as well awwww so sweet the two ladies are indeed real sweethearts. But the performance that made my night is the Prince Tribute being done by no other than the new Hardest working man in show business today That's the Electrying Bruno Mars and he had the crowd totally rocked on to his own version to the Purple Highness landmark hit  Let's Go Crazy and he did looked like Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson performing dressed in purple and with the guiltar and the tribute started off with Prince's Homeboys from Minnesota Morris Day and the Time that's right they all were there including Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson and even Jerome Benton as well. overall a good show. Now for the Obits first a Melacony Happy Trails to seven time Grammy winner Al Lopez Jarreau(1940-2017) the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Jazz legend who was renowned by his own unique vocal style was best known for his musical hits "'Breaking away 'After All' ''Boogie Down" and my Favorite ''Mornin'' he also sang the theme song for the hit ABC TV series Moonlighting starting Bruce Willis and Cybill Shephard and even one of the featured Vocalists on the Iconic USA for Africa song "WE ARE THE WORLD"' he continued tourning until his death of respiratory failure at the age of 76 just two days after he announced his retiremement. The second obit is Richard Lawrence Hatch(1945-2017) the California Native who began his TV career in the 1970's first starting off in the Daytime Soap Opera 'All My Children" for two years then after numberous roles in both TV SHOWS and made for TV movies over the years he finally landed his iconic role as Captain Apollo in the ABC Sci-fi TV series Battlestar Galactica in which he was nominated for a Golden Globe award and years later even appeared on the 2004 Tv series remake on the Sci-fi channel as a guest star. He died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. and also to former NBA basketball player Fab Melo who passed at the age of 26 in his home country of Brazil and former NFL Football player Quetin woods who lost his life in a House fire at the age of 33 as well. Rest in Paradise to all of them.
       Well thank you all once again for all the great comments that you gave me and i'll always do my best for you. Next month i'll be back with my Oscar review and even a  movie review of Logan and of course another top ten list as well. before I go here's another poem for you and this time its another chapter in Black History

                                                     ODE TO THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN

As we turn another page into our proud black history
We all remember the legendary Tuskegee airmen and their storied legacy

They were the first black pilots that served in the U.S. Millitary
They were also the very first top guns in the sky to achieve glory

They were proud men and great pilots that did everything for this country
From fighting the Nazi Germans in WWII to still dealing with hatred and bigotry

They were first formed in 1940 when Frankin D. Roosevelt ordered the army to make the 99th pursuit squardron
The groundwork to a training base in Central Alabama of a town called Tuskegee that began the legend

The founder of the history making project and conductor of Charles''Chief''Anderson
Who one time took the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt to a test flight exhibition

She improve on the project and under the leadership and iron will of Col. Benjamin Davis, The Tuskegee Airmen were born
Often called Red Tails to protect the bombers that was their main mission

Despite all their adversities for within and outside the army they were well trained and respected pilots in the sky
Fighting alongside with the their white counterparts in many battles and missions that helped changed history and staying loyal to their cause for freedom up until the day they'll die

The Tuskegee Airmen's legacy is well decorated with countless honors including over 700 air medals, eight purple medals and fourteen bronze stars
They were true real life American heroes in a time when prejudice and hate ruled the country they still had patrotic pride fighting in the war

So this is the ballad of the unsung legendary heroes that were once shunned by the army before becoming the very first civil rights leaders
Give a standing Ovation and a salute to the Tuskegee Airmen because they're true Air Force Pioneers!

Until next time America, Eric Isaac ei9, Atlanta, Georgia!

''And so we all Must lend a Helping hand''-Al Jarreau,USA FOR AFRICA's We are the world!
   Hi once again DA family, 
           Its me ei9 with another journal for you to enjoy Well this is a brand new month in the year 2017 and even Know February's Black History Month I just want to give a big shoutout to all my friends who are Muslim and Hispanic friends know that we got  your back and we all know by now that President Dtrumpf signed that Muslim ban like he promised in his campaign and no doubt we are in some dark days with the stuff that happening at the White House so far with all the bullies, billionaires and bigots taking over saying that they are for the people but deep down we all know that they are lying and they are really in for themselves but i'm also proud of us Proud and real americans that continuing on the great fight with all the protests in Airports all across the country and the world as well. The United States of America is a great country that is indeed made of Immigrants from across the country and if the Donald thinks that he's gonna make it another Nazi Germany he got another thing coming to him, We will continue to fight everystep of the way!#LOVETRUMPSHATE! well that's the Political part of my journal Now for the more fun part Well last week me and my family celebrated My beautiful Mother Doris Isaac and my Cool Uncle Horace Waters' 65th birthday yep their twins at my Uncle's house for a birthday Cookout and we had a fun time with my cousins and their families as well and they are extremely fired up now that they team The Atlanta Falcons are in the Super bowl now but like I told all of them I loved living in Atlanta, Georgia with my relatives around me I will always and forever be loyal to my hometown teams growing up in Washington D.C. that's the Redskins, Wizards, Nationals, Capitals and Georgetown Basketball. Its was a great night and even got some Birthday cake on the way home. Now for my movie review and its more like a TV miniseries. Last Week I saw BET's "The New Edition Story"' and it was great entertainment for three great nights as we saw the tale of Five young boys from the streets of Boston, Massachusetts by the names of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie Devoe and Ralph Tresvant rise to become one of the greatest boy bands ever with their earlier hits "Candy Girl" ''Popcorn Love" "Jealous Girl" to their grow up transformation in "if This the End" during their first tour to leaving Streetwise Records for MCA in 1984 where their string of hits continued with "Cool It Now" "Mr. Telephone Man" "Lost in Love" ''Count Me Out" "A Little Bit of Love(it all it takes)" With you all the way" Until Bobby becoming the David Ruffin of the group wanting to be the Man of the group while hitting his problems with Drugs and Alchol thus eventually being kicked out of the group but we did see him becoming a Daddy to his first child son Landon before becoming the womanizing superstar with his own hits "'Girlfriend" Don't Be Cruel" My Preggotive" Every Little Step'' Roni, Rock Witcha, Humpin Around, Good Enough" and 'On Our Own" To after the group added on My fellow DC Homeboy Johnny Gill fearing that Ralph was leaving the group but he stayed and they had the monster hit album N.E. Heartbreak with legendary productors Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis  that spawned hits 'If it Isn't Love" 'You're Not my kinda Girl" "NE Heartbreak and the all time fav 'Can You Stand the Rain"' To them and Bobby crossing paths again doing their Tour together then after everybody did their own thang With Ralph's album with his number one  Hit song Senstitivy  to Bell Biv Devoe's legendary album Poison with the hits Do Me Baby, She's Dope, and the Title Track to finally Johnny's album which has his own share of hits "Rub You the Right Way" Fairweather Friend'' and of Course my fav My, My, My. But after Michael's Discovery of another great boy band Boyz II Men during their stop in Philadelphia, Pa, Bobby's Marriage to Whitney Houston and their solo careers went stale all six of them came back together years later to produced Their great Comeback Album "Home Again" which had hits like Hit Me Off and Still in Love with you but when they toured again Their old Problems and egos flaired up again leading to a near tragic end as Ronnie's Uncle had a heart attack during the big fight in which they were even some gunfire. After that the group broke up and really hit with some hard times and boy I thought that Bobby was the only one in the group with deadly addictions it turned out that Ricky was also into drugs as well and nearly died but his loyal wife saved him and he entered rehab. after that the group reconcile at Ronnie's Wedding and was a band of Brothers again with the Movie ends them all performing together at the BET 25th anniversary special. Much love to the actors who played not only the Kiddie Version of NE But especially the actors to played the grown up version of the group as well and special shoutout to Yvette Nicole Brown, La-La Anthony(Wife of Carmelo) Monica Calhoun,and My girl Lisa Nicole Carson who played some of the New Edition mamas in the movie as well as this was a Powerful message for those who want to have a career in Music in that not everything's all rosey in the price of fame and they are indeed crooked managers that will screw you out of your money when you sign that contract. a Five star masterpiece and is up there with the Jacksons Family and The Temptations TV miniseries movies as well.
     Now for the farewells both death and retirements Happy Trails first to Mary Tyler Moore(1936-2017) the Brooklyn, New York native who became a true TV Icon to both Working women and housewives everywhere during the 1960's and 70's First appearing on the Dick Van Dyke show(1961-1966) in which she played Dick's Wife Laura Petrie a former Dancer turn loving housemaker wife and mother and in the 1970's in the Mary Tyler Moore show(1970-1977) in which she played the iconic role of Mary Richards a single women working as a local news reporter in Minnesota the great show also featured great actors and actress like Edward Asner, The late Ted Knight, Valerie Harper as Mary best friend Rhoda and the ageless wonder Betty White as well. Ms. Moore even received an Oscar Nomination in her role in the 1980 drama Movie Ordinary People. She was indeed a role model for women of all ages races and religions and femists everywhere and she also fought for  political and activist causes  partically animal Rights and diabetes She died of phemonia at the age of 80. The Other legend that we lost is Sir John Vincent Hurt(1940-2017) The England born native actor who career spanned Six decades. He came into prominence for his role in the flim A man for all Seasons(1966) then after played leading roles in such flims as The 1980 biopic 'The Elephant Man"' 1984's movies 1984 and The Hit and 1989's the Scandal his other flims include Midnight Express(1978) Alien(1979) The Harry Potter Series( 2001-2011) The Hellboy Flims(04-08) he was also had a great Voice career in flims such as Watership Down(1978) The Animated Lord of the Rings(1978) Disney's The Black Cauldron(1985) and the BBC TV series Merlin he even had TV Roles in shows Like I, Claudius(1976) and the War Doctor in Doctor Who(2013) among his honors He received two Oscar Nominations, A Golden Globe Award and four BAFTA Awards He was even knighted in 2015 for his services in drama. He died of Pancreatic Cancer three days after his 77th birthday. Rest in Paradise to both great legends and a salute to the legendary Play by Play announcer Mr. Brent Musburger who last night ended his glorious 50 year career in both TV and radio. I grew up watching him on The NFL Today(1975-1989) with him and his collegues, Irv Cross, Phyllis George and of course Jimmy "The Greek"Snyder every Sunday afternoon on CBS Before the games started and after his unfairy firing from CBS in 1990 he was quickly signed on by ESPN/ABC and his legend continues to grow on He called on some of the most memorable plays and games in sports history and his down to earth folksy manners made you feel at home not  bad for a boy born in Montana and raised in Oregon that after graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago got his big break as a newspaper he did made some shocking quotes in his career but he apologe for them. Hats off to you Brent and to The Greatest Show of Earth The Ringing brothers and Barlum and Bailey Circus which after 146 years closes it tents for good after this year I had such memories of the circus as a kid But cheer up folks The Universal Soul Circus is still around.  Well thanks again for all of your Support for me over the years and  I continue to do my best for time a Top Ten List for Black History but  Before I go here's a poem for all the lovers in the world, Happy Valentine's Day!

                                                             LOVE IS AGELESS

Every once in a while we fall in love with somebody who's older
Who we need to support is like the late great singer Aaliyah song "Age ain't nothing but a Number

There's nothing wrong with it after all life is all about taking real big chances
Each and every generation has its own share of May-December romances

You maybe a new school youngster and your lover is an old school veteran
You two may have different tastes in style, music and friends but it always nice to have a little seasoning

You may be in the winter of our life and your life and your partner into the early summer
Having that youthful brass spirit can rejuvenate your and that's no bummer

When men date much younger women they're called sweet daddies because they got for their babes some sugar
And when women date men much younger than them they're become like frisky cats on the prowl and called Cougars

You two share a bond even though you're a couple of years or even decades apart
it doesn't matter how young or old you are just as long as you got love in your heart

Your Unique combination of spirted energy of  spring chicken and grand wisdom and experience of a teacher helps you get over the age difference in the relationship process
And may turned out like the famous Toni Morrison novel turned movie "How Stella got her Groove Back"was a box office sucess

So remember even if one of you is old enough to be someone's mother or father
Your love is timeless and ageless, That's the only thing that matter

Until next time America, Don't forget to check me out on Facebook as well
Eric Isaac, ei9 Atlanta Georgia

"Well Folks I had the best seat in the house, thanks for sharing it with me I see you all down the road!" Brent Musburger
 Hi There once again DA Family,

         Its me ei9 once again with another Journal for all of you to enjoy well the month of January is almost over but boy we did had ourselves one wild time this past weekend. First last Friday was the inauguration of the new and 45th POTUS Donald John Trump(UGH!) and while all the former ex-presidents that were in attendance were as classy as they can be The Bush family, The Carters, the Clintons and especially The Obamas(who I will miss so much!) Mr.Trump after he was sworn in gave his Inauguration speech in which it was typical Donald being Donald says that for now on America will be first saying  that the Country's still dying and that he's better that all the former presidents combined. Well I'm glad I didn't Watch this shitshow and was out of the house doing work. That Speech not only offended the people of this proud country but to our fellow allies all over the world as well But as bad as Friday was there was finally some ray of hope the next day as it was a Historical Saturday to behold as the Million Woman March took place in my proud birthplace Which I grew up  of Washington DC and It wasn't the only MWM that took place there many others as well Not only in Big cities Like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver,Dallas,Chicago, Detroit and my new hometown of Atlanta but even countries like England, Germany, Italy, India,Turkey, China and Japan as well. One thing to say that They were a whole lot people in Downtown DC on Saturday for the protests then they were on Friday for the DeplorBall celebration Sorry Donnie(ha-ha!) They were many powerful speakers at the protests around the country not only from famous strong women like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Masachusetts, Actresses America Ferrera, Jane Fonda, Ashley Judd, Whoppi Goldberg, Singers Madonna, Alicia Keys, Sheila E. and Janelle Monae, Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem and Trump's Long time nemesis Rosie O'Donnell but also Famous men like proud Civil Rights movement Legend John Lewis Who Trump unnecessary bashed on MLK holiday weekend calling him a has been and go back to fixing his neighborhood The Fifth District of Atlanta, Georgia IN which there is absoluety nothing wrong with it after Mr. Lewis said that Mr.Trump doesn't have the coolness and calmness to be president. The man that should be Our president Right Now Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young  who both also marched with Dr.King in the Civil Rights Movement   actor/Director Rob Reiner my man Comedian Bill Maher in which I always watch his show "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER" every Friday night  on HBO and another of Trump's long time archenemies Flimmaker Michael Moore. even Hillary Clinton who wasn't in any of the rallies but send a twitter message  thanking the demonstrators for speaking up their minds and Marching for their rights for the good of the country. What's even more impressive in all of this is that while The March were Mostly Anti Trump they were still some Trump supporters in the crowd show their love for the new president But they were no real violence on this day just people on both sides of the fence having new found respect for each other in their personal beliefs. Personally I hope that this great day of Saturday sends a powerful message to not only to the White House but to Congress as well that This is still the United States of America  and while the country had its share of Dark days before its always rises back up like a Phoenix to have great days again and I believe that we will recovered from this I think that Mr.Trump eventually will have a very rude awakening and the Presidency is defienty not his many failed companies over the years America can be great again but if only that we must learn to live and love each other again. On a lighter note Get well wishes to former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife former First lady Barbara who both were sick over the weekend but are doing better as well speak in a hospital in their hometown  Houston Texas.
            Not for the obits and while we know that they will be people dying this year let's just hope that the celebrity death list its not as long as the last two years in which it was dreadful to put it at least. First earlier this month we lost Wrestling legend Jimmy Superfly Snuka(1943-2017) the Florida Native who spent most of the his legendary Career in the WWF now WWE and in the 1980's introduced the world the high flying style of Wrestling. He was the very first oppoinent to the Undertaker's long winning streak at WrestleMania seven and was even the very first champion of ECW and was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. he died of Stomach cancer at the age of 73 but leaves behind his children son Jimmy Jr and daughter Tamina who are in the wrestling business.
then last week we lost Miguel Jose Ferrer(1955-2017) The California Native who was born in Santa Monica and raised in Hollywood and was the oldest of Five siblings by his father  Oscar award winner actor Jose Ferrer and Mother Singer Rosemary Clooney and also the cousin of George Clooney, his first love growing up was Music and even played drums for Keith Moon on Moon's Two Sides of Moon Album before the acting bug finally bit him and made the switch. He was mostly famous for his Villianous roles in Movies like Robocop, Mulan and Rio 2 But also for TV Roles in Twin Peaks, Crossing Jordan and most recently NCIS Los Angeles as well he was loved and well respected by his peers even have the character Miguel O'Hara the alter ego of the Marvel Comics superhero Spider Man 2099 named after him by his close friend legendary Comics write Peter David. He died of Throat Cancer at the age of 61.My condolences to not only the Snuka family but also to the Ferrer/Clooney families as well. Rest in Paradise to both men as well.
      Now for some lighter notes Well We got a brand new National Champion in College Football as Clemson rallies to beat Alabama 35-31 in a most Epic rematch to last year's masterpiece and Congrats to Clemson Tigers Quarterback Deshawn Watson for winning the game's MVP And to Clemson Coach Dabo sweetney who is a Alabama native and graduate in giving the Tigers their first title since 1981 but I feel that the Crimson Tide will be back next year as long as Nick Saban is their coach! Now its THE NFL's turn to end its season on a glorious note as SUPER BOWL 51 in Houston,Texas is now all set as it will be once again the Duo of Golden Boy QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots who will try to win their Fifth Championship in the last 16 years but standing in their way are some new people in the big dance and that's the Dirty Birds of the ATL! that's right my new hometown team the Atlanta Falcons led by League MVP favorite Ouarterback Matt Ryan and arguably the best Wide Receiver in Football Julio Jones will try to give the capital of the Dirty south its first Championship since the 1995 Atlanta Braves won the Baseball World Series. look, I have no horse in this race my fan loyality will always and forever be with the team that I grew up with since childhood and that's the Washington Redskins but I hope that this will be a great super bowl for the fans period. Well thanks again for all the great support that all of you given me over the years and its hard to believe that I got almost 160 dev watchers already as well as the millions and millions of llama badges and great comments as well. See ya next month with another Top ten list and maybe finally a Movie review as well. but before I go here's another poem for all of you to enjoy especially to the younger generation that was in in the protests all over the world last weekend!
                                                                    Children of The World

Children of the World hold on to your dreams for the future
So that you can make great strides in your life and continue in mature

You hold the keys to a clean, beautiful and productive life
Don't ever let disappointments and self doubt cut you like a knife

You got the talent, skill, heart and Knowledge to go very far
Always believe in yourself and your future will be as a bright as a shining star

You are the ones that could form one strong nation
The ones that could be the next great generation

The Ones that must continue the message of stopping the Violence and evil
The ones that can spread the love and peace and taking it up to a whole new level

You are the ones that can decide the fate to make it a better world
A place that's safe for every man, woman, boy and girl

You're the next generation that can make the next batch of greatness history
And we now well the already now wild and wooly 21st century

You are the future leaders and rulers of Tomorrow
So always keep your heads up your hearts open and your eyes on the sparrow

Because you're our hope for the days ahead and beyond
Keep on rising to the top and stay on solid ground

So Children of the World continue to work hard and be the best that you can be 
Love each other like family and live life richly and free

Until next time World, Eric Isaac ei9, Atlanta, Georgia
"We know from when we came and we're not going back" Former Atlanta Georgia mayor Shirley Franklin


     Happy New Year DA,

          its me Eric AKA ei9 back again and ready to unleashed another batch of great Journals/Poems for another year and God lets just hope that 2017 will be much happier and cleaner year than last and i'm not talking about all the celebrity deaths either, its also about all the terriorist attacks overseas in countries like France, Belgium, Sonalia, Saudi Arabia, Germany,Italy and Turkey and all the Racial and Homophobic tenisions in this country as well as we are a Divided Nation right now and will have a New President in Office by the name of Donald J. Trump( Still Can't believe it , folks!) But enough of my ranting for now. Well The Grim Reaper known as 2016 is finally gone(Good Rididance!) But He still look two more Victims on his way out the door First the day after we Lost Our Galaxy Princess Carrie Fisher, We Lost her equally Beloved and Popular Mother in America's Sweetheart in  Ms. Mary Francis Reynolds(1932-2016) better known to all of us as Debbie, She was indeed a True hard working beauty legend that for Six decades entertained millions of fans though TV, stage and flim. She was born in El Paso Texas before her and her family moved to Burbank, California when she was 16 where she won a Beauty Contest and was discovered by Hollywood and at the tender age of 19 made her flim debut in Three little words in which she won critically acclaimed praises that led to her Iconic breakout role in the 1952 all time Musical hit "Singing in the Rain"' with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor. That was only the beginning for her soon to be legendary Career with hit Follow up Movies'' Tammy and the Bachelor(1957) in which her song''Tammy'' Hit Number on the Billboard music Charts. How the West was won(1963), The Unsinkable Molly Brown(1964) in which won her an Oscar nomination for best actress, The Singing Nun(1960) and one of My all time  Childhood non-Disney Favorites Charlotte's Web(1973) in which she played the friendly Female spider Charlotte who rescues and later befriends The farm Pig Wilbur and I even cried when Charlotte died near the end of the movie. She was a big star on stage and on Television as well "The Debbie Reynolds show(1969) in which she received a Golden Globe nomination, then later in life received a Emmy Nomination for her role as Grace's mom in Will and Grace and even reached out to the younger generation in her role as Aggie Cronwell in Disney's Halloweentown series. She continued to perform successfully into her eighties receiving Lifetime achievement and Humanitarian awards in her golden years. She died of a stroke at the age of 84 but we know that she just can't live alone without her daughter carrie who she lost a day earlier and the two as most Mothers and Daughters had there own share of Ups and Downs thru the years but at the end Bonded together and were more like Twin Sisters loving each other to the end. Ms. Reynolds is survived by her son Todd Fisher and her Granddaughter and Carrie's Daughter Billie Lourd who is a beautiful young woman herself and even appeared with her mom Carrie in last year's The Force Awakens. My condolences to the entire Fisher/Reynolds families and Rest in Paradise Ladies you're Perfect Angels In God's Kingdom  and  now the Last celebrity Victim of 2016 is.. No its Not Mariah Carey's career even though She gave a lousy performance in Dick Clark's New year's Rocking Eve last Saturday Come on Miss Carey if you're gonna sing Then SING! don't be flirting your body like a MILF cougar trying to get younger men Like  Madonna and even she grew up a bit from that act and now trying to be a better mom for her now teenage children. not back to the story We lost William Christopher(1932-2016) the Chicago,Illnois area Native who was best known for his TV Roles as Private Lester Hummelon on Gomer Pyle USMC and then as Father Mulcany in the Legendary Long running TV series of the 1970's and 1980's M*A*S*H. he was also a proud man doing charity work in his spare time for the National Austic Society in which one of his sons  has austism and even he and his wife wrote a book about raising him in 1985. He died of Cancer at the age of 84 on new year eve. Rest in Paradise Mr. Christopher and all those who left us in 2016 no matter if they are Rich and famous or not.
       Well its a New Year now and for me I can't wait for all the great new flims that will be coming out this year and here's my top ten list of the movies I'm looking forward seeing in 2017!
10.Beauty and The Beast(Disney)- the lovely and talented Emma Watson all grown up from her days in the Harry Potter era lands the title role as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast and Disney hopes that It continues it recent live reboot success that they had with Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book!
9.Transformers The Last Knight- The Fifth Movie in the Michael Bayformers saga and Has Optimus Prime turned evil from his trip back from space, Mark Walburg is also back as well.
8.Thor: Ragnarok- Chris Hensworth AKA The God of Thunder is Back and he got a few of his Avenger Friends with him in the Incredible Hulk played once again by Mark Ruffalo, Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch and even a Black Girlfriend in Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson as they battled not only Thor's baddie Brother Loki Played by the wonderful Tom Huddleton but the even more powerful enemy in Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster
7. Justice League- DC Comics' Answer to Marvel's The Avengers finally gets on the Big screen and the big question is Darkseid the main baddie?, How will Superman come back from his Coma and will the third time be a charm for Zack Snyder after his disapointments Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Supeman, anyway can't wait to see Bats, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg,Supes and a certain Amazon Warrior Princess that will also have her own movie this year more on her later
6.The Fate of The Furious- the first movie of this great funloving fast car series without the late Paul Walker but Everybody else is back Including Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and yes Dwayne "The Rock'Johnson as well plus some new characters in Helen Mirrem and my girl Charlize Theron as the main baddie.
5.War for the Planet of the Apes- ALL hail Caesar and the Apes!! they are back for one final battle with Humanity for the planet Earth and this time they battle the Evil Human Colonel played by Woody Harrelson and if this movie as good as the other two Watch out!
4.Blade Runner 2049- yes thiry years after the Original sci-fi cult classic, Harrison Ford is back as Deckard this time on the run from the police and Rose Gosling is the man that is looking for Him the movie also stars Jared Leto and Ana De Armas as maybe the new Racheal to the BR series and love intest to Gosling's character.
3. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2- The Entire Gang of misfit spaceheroes that we love are back, Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drak,Bradley Cooper as Rocket the Raccoon and Zin Diesel as Baby Groot as they go thru some futher adventures outer space and the movie also stars Karen Gilliam as Nebula and including Glenn Close as irani  Rael and Kurt Russell as the Planet Ego. 
2.WONDER WOMAN- finally at last the legendary Icon and Grandmama of all Superheroines gets her own Movie, Gal Gadot was indeed Amazing in her limited time as Diana Prince in last year's Disppointing Batman Vs. Superman Now we all can't wait to see her shine on her own as she leaves her home Island of Themyscira to become ambassor of love, peace and Justice in Man's world! the movie also stars Chris Pyne as Diana's Love interest Steve Trevor, Connie Nielson as Diana's Mom Queen Hippoltya, Robin Wright' as General Antiope and Lucy Davis as the Immortial Etta Candy(ha-ha!) Please let this be the first DC Movie smash hit but also the first major hit at the box office for superheroines Remember Supergirl? Tank Girl? Barb Wire? Elektra?(Poor Jennifer Garner) and yes Catwoman( Poorer Halle Berry, Ha-ha!) 
and Number ONE.....Yes of Course its STAR WARS EPISODE EIGHT!- we're back seeing our new friends Rey(Daisy Ridgely) Finn(John Boyega), Poe(Oscar Isaac) Lupita Nygon'o as Maz Kanata and BB-8 and of course old ones Mark Hamill as Luke, Anthony Daniels as C-3P0, Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, and of Course hard to say it now The Late great Carrie Fisher as General Leia Skywalker-Solo as they battled against Leia and Han's son Kilo Ren(Adam Driver), General Phasma (Gwendolyne Christine) and Andy Serkis as supreme Leader Snoke for control of the Galaxy and I know it will be both explosive and emotional and if they don't posts  tributes to both Carrie and Kenny Baker as R2-D2 somewhere in the credits. i'll be pissed off!
   Well my friends 2017 is indeed of to a great start so far No real big celebrity hasn't died yet but we already seen our first big celebrity birth of the new year Congrats to JANET Jackson of being a First time Mommy of 50! she gave birth to a baby boy her and her proud hubby Wissam AL Mana Welcomed son Elssa Al Mana into the world and I know somewhere in Heaven Big Bro Michael is up there smiling down on his loving family! Thank you folks once again for all your great support thru the years and even though 2016 was the worst year ever at least the world didn't end and let's all make 2017 one of the finest years ever. before I go here another poem for you to enjoy in fact its my very first poem that I wrote.
                                                 A Smiling Loving Friendship

A smiling loving friendship is when you make a friend
Who'll be with you until the very end

its a special bond you two will share together
Its that special feeling that will last forever

A Friend is there when he/she has a heart of gold
always being there when the nights are cold

He/She is there when you need a warming hug
When you need to have a heart to tug

its that warming feeling like the sky heaven above
That feels like God is spreading his diving love

A friend is someone that's a symbol of life
That one day he/she might become your husband or wife

You will love him/her like a brother or a sister at first
Then it might  blossom into a romance that can survive the worst

So the next time you see somebody walking in the street give him/her a smile
So that they will know that it give them love and courage to walk the extra mile

We must start loving each other again whatever it possibly take
Because new friendships are not hard to find and make

Until next time America, Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

"You all know she is, there's very little she isn't" Debbie Reynolds!
    Hi there once again DA Family,

       Its me Eric again and I hope that you and your loved ones enjoyed your Christmas well Last weekend as I did with my relatives in Georgia! Well 2016 has been indeed the year that no celebrity was safe from the Grim Reaper in 2016 from the World of Sports We Lost Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Gordon Howe, Craig Sager and Pat Summitt, from the entertainment world We lost Alan Rickman, Doris Roberts, Gene Wilder,Alan Thicke,Florence Henderson, Ken Howard, Zsa Zsa Gabor to name a few to Politics We lost John Mclaughlin, Gwen Ifill, and Nancy Reagan To Journalism and writing We lost Agnes Nixon, Harper Lee, John Sanders and in Music We lost Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen, Vanity, Lemmy, and of course Mr.Prince Rogers Nelson. well this week Just as 2016 couldn't get any worse....WHAM! first on Christmas Day we lost Georgios Kyriacos Panayitou(1963-2016) Better known though out the world as George Michael the british born Rock superstar who first burst into the scene with his good friend Andrew Ridgely to form the group WHAM! Before hitting even bigger success as a solo artists was one of the biggest stars in the 1980's along with the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Whitney Houston ,Bruce Springstein and Billy Joel. he was indeed a trendsetter in his own right and I admit I was shocked at first that I founded out that he was really Gay but like Elton John, Freddie Mercury of Queen and Boy George of Culture Club I didn't care about his life offstage I just loved his music and grew up listening to his musical masterpieces He died of a Heart attack at the age of 53 leaving his heartbroken boyfriend and friends and family that loved him so much. Then Yesterday We lost our Princess from a Galaxy far, far away NOOOOOOOO! that's right Princess Leia is now one of the force Carrie Fisher(1963-2016) the California born native whose famous parents are Actress Mother Debbie Reynolds and Singer father Eddie Fisher who became a star of her own appearing in movies such as Shampoo(1976)
The Blues Brothers(1980) and Hannah and her sisters(1988) but we will always and forever Remember her as princess general Leia Organa Skywalker in the Orginal Star Wars trilogy. I can still remember when I was only five years old My mother took me to see Star Wars for the first time and instantly fell in love with the movie and the great casting of Fisher as Leia, Harrison Ford as Han Solo Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, Anthony Daniels as C3PO, Kenny Baker who we lost earlier this year as R2-D2 Mark Hamill as the farm boy turned hero Luke Skywalker, The late sir Alec Gulness as Obi Wan Kenobi and of course James Earl Jones as the voice as the Biggest, Biggest Daddy of Villians ever Sith Lord Darth Vader! Its was great memories seeing the crew go from Unwilling partners in A New Hope to jealous romantic rivals in Empire Strikes Back to finally a family along with Lando Carrisian played by Billy Dee Williams that look out for each other in Return of the Jedi as they finally defeated the Empire and Luke and leia finally found out that they were brother and sister and Vader was their father Anakin Skywalker they were both kept safe from the Emperor in thanks to both Yoda and Obi wan. Ms. Fisher was also a successful writer, author and inspirational speaker that wasn't affaid to speak out about her personal demons that she had growing up in Hollywood and still was just as beloved as ever last year when the force Awakens came out and I admit I cried when Han got killed by his son Ben Aka Kilo Ren played by Adam Driver just like I cried when I first heard that carrie died yesterday she suffered a heart attack on the plane last Friday and her ageless beautiful mom Debbie that she was all right but the Grim reaper just couldn't resist taking yet another celebrity soul in 2016 and my childhood took another hit. 
                      Two other people obits for you Successful Comedian Ricky Harris(1962-2016) the Long Beach California Native who was childhood buddies with Rap Legend Snoop Doggy Dogg and become a star of his own with his racy stand up act and his role in the Tv series Everybody hates Chris (2006-08) died at the age of 54 of a heart attack and Richard George Adams(1920-2016) the british born author best known for his legendary novel Watership Down about a small group of Rabbits trying to live a civilize life while fighting temptations with each other died at the age of 96. we were all survived by loved ones and friends that loved them so much Rest in paradise to all of them. Well I got a very Special Top ten List of my personal favorite George Micheal songs and here it is.
10. Wake me up before You Go-Go
9.Don't let the sun go down on me with Elton John
8.Everything She Wants
7.Waiting for that Day/You can't always get what you want
6.Praying for Time
5.Father Figure
4.One More Try
3. A Different Corner
2.Last Christmas
and number one..Careless Whisper(Extended Version) love that sax! Well folks this year has been a doozy and God Hope that 2017 will be a kinder, gentler year I know that sooner or later we will die someday but 2016 has been so maddening sick with all the deaths not only with the rich and famous but also the not so rich  and famous ones as well like all the friends and family we lost during the year with the Police brutality especially to Black folk across the country and those Poor five Police Officers that were killed in Dallas, Texas over the summer as well as the shooting Nightclub massacre in Orlando Florida in which over 50 lives were killed and another 50 lives that were forever Scarred for live as well. Even though we got a New President that we don't like and don't want in the white House coming in January We must take it up to ourselves in making this a better world for our future children and Grandchildren to enjoy and rise above all the fear and hatred. Yes we are a divided nation right now but in order to come together as one we must learn to live together and love together again. Donald Trump may be the new president but Jesus Christ will always and forever our King and we are all God's Children. See ya Next year DA FAMILY sorry no poem this time but some inspirational words from some of the great legends  who left us in 2016.

''I slept with some nerd Hope it was George, I took too many drugs to remember-Carrie Fisher
'' I want to say that I have no problem being in a relationship with a man!-George Michael
'' It Always said that comedy comes from the Dark side anyway- Alan Thicke
  I always do anything and everything to stay active-Florence Henderson
Time is simply how you live your life-Craig sager
'' Dearly beloved we all gathered today to get thru this thing called life-Prince
  I am the Greatest- Muhammad Ali
  Everybody's a teacher if you listen- Doris Roberts
  The road to success is always under construction-Arnold Palmer
  You can't relive your life-John Glenn
  I write funny if I can make my wife laugh when i'm on the right track- Gene wilder                                                                      
  People say that I'm henpecked well let them say it-Gordie Howe!
   I thought Obama ran the best campaign, disciplined very well Organized very, very good I'm impressed-Nancy Reagan
   Hope springs eternal even in Politics- Gwen Ifill
   I don't know where i'm going but I promise you it won't be boring-David Bowie
   You can't always be the most talented person in the room but you can be the most competitive-Pat Summitt

By Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia and in the words to the face of the evil hateful face of 2016....

"Bye-Bye'' John Mclaughlin!
  Hello once again DA family,

      its me ei9 again with another Journal for you to enjoy Well Christmas is this Sunday and I can't wait for it to happen and I've already got some presents for my friends and family down here in Georgia and Hopefully this weekend or next we get to see Star Wars Rogue One since it was so crowded last week because of its first weekend as my Christmas present but I heard that its pretty Damn Good from the early reviews and easily the best Star Wars Prequel ever. Well as we know last week its was another sad week of Celebrites dying like I mentioned in my Status quo. We lost the Likes of Candian Born Comedian/Songwriter Alan Thicke, Beloved Legendary Sports Reporter Craig Sager, Van Williams Who played the Title Role of the 1960's Tv series ''The Green Hornet'' which also star a Young Unknown playing Kato who became the Kung Fu Legend Himself Bruce Lee and also Howard Bingham(1939-2016) The Long time friend and Personal Photographer of the Greatest himself Muhammad Ali, who died of Health Issues at the age of 77. This past Sunday we lost another legendary Diva In Zsa Zsa Gabor(1917-2016) The Hungarian Born Actress and Socialite who began her Stage Career in Vienna and was Crowned Miss Hungary in 1936. She Emigrated from Hungary to the United Stated in 1941. Becoming a sought after actress with European flair and Style with personality that exuded charm and grace. Outside her acting career was known for her extravagant Hollywood lifestyle her glamorous personality and even marriages to Nine husbands.She died of a heart attack of the age of 99. Rest in Paradise to all of them as 2016 the year of the Celebrity Death wages on for least two more weeks. 
         Now to some more fun stuff I promise you a review last time and shall I will I saw the New Hairspray Live recently on NBC and I must tell you I have seen the Orignal  John Waters Directed1988 Movie which Stars Drag Queen Legend Divine, The Late Sonny Bono and Tracy Turnblad played by a perky Newcomer named Ricki Lake, I have seen the 2007 Movie Which Stars Queen Latifah, Christoper Walken, Michelle Pffeerer, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes(remember her? ha-ha!) and John Travolta in Drag that's a hoot itself,But I Tell you that this one is the Best one of the three and its continuing on the message of getting down dance and loving herself and celebrating, embracing our diversity that's what the world needs right now especially with all the racial tensions going on in this world and a new president  coming in next month. exciting newcomer Maddie Baillio was excellent playing the lead role of Tracy Turnblad and call me Crazy but I thought that legendary Broadway performer Harvey Fierstein was indeed a beautiful man playing his Icon role as Tracy's Mother Edna and He was indeed great as was Martin Short playing Edna's Hubby and Tracy's daddy.
the rest of the cast was excellent from Broadway veteran Kristin Chenoweth as Velma Von Tussle, Dove Cameron as Link Larkin,Andrea Martin as Prudy Pingleton Pop music star Ariana Grande as Tracy's best friend Penny Pingleton, Dove Cameron as Tracy's arch rival Amber Von Tussle,  another great newcomer Ephraim Sykes as Seaweed and My Girl Jennfer Hudson as Seaweed's mother Motormouth Maybelle. Well you know the story Tracy now becomes Mortally awake Tracy becomes determined to integrate her favorite show  the Corny Collins Show  so that Kids of all races and religions can dance and sing together and its somewhat pays tribute to the late great Dick Clark and his show American Bandstand which started in Philadelphia in the 1950's and was the first show that broke the barriers for interracial dancing during the times of segregation and the rise of the Civil Rights Movement The music and songs was great from welcome to the 60's based in Baltimore To Seaweed's song Run and Tell That to The Famous Civil Rights anthem ''I Know Where I've Been sung by Hudson to finally the Show stopper climax ''You Can't Stop The beat" and we get to see the show ends with a Hot sweet Duet between Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande. No doubt Hairspray Live is the Best TV Musical so far and the best version of the legendary story yet, Four Epic sweet stars!
           Now to the moment that you all been waiting for my not one but two Top ten lists for Christmas and before I do that I like to address two omissions for my last list that I forgot to put on my top ten Holiday Movie list First Elf  Staring  Wil Ferrell that was a great film about him finding his real family and even falling in love for the very first time and Bob Newhart was also great as Wil's mentor and close friend and Second Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thorton in the Title Role and its a real Badass funny movie and the movie also stars the Late Great John Ritter as well I won't see Bad Santa 2 though! But now the first of my top ten Lists first the Christmas specials.
10. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
 9. John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Special
 8.Frosty the Snowman
 7.The Year without a Santa Claus
 6. Fat Albert Christmas
 5.Olive the Reindeer dog
 4.Santa Claus is coming to town
 3.Rudolph the red nose Reindeer
 2, The Grinch that stole Christmas
 and Number One A Charile Brown Christmas!
now for my top ten Christmas songs in my favorite versions
10.Jingle Bells Frank Sintata
9.Mele Kalikimala Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters
8. The First Noel    Bebe and Cece Winans
7. Winter Wonderland Annie Lennox
6.Blue Christmas Wynton Marshalls
5. White Christmas The Penguins
4.Happy Christmas War is Over John Lennon
3.Last Christmas Wham!
2. Do they know its Christmas Band Aid
and Number One Silent Night by the Temptations!  That's my lists and always feel free to send in your own lists. Well thank you all for another great year of me writing my great Journal/poems and you liking or loving them and sending your great comments as well I've enjoyed my five plus years at Deviant Art so far and the Best is still yet to come in the future I can't believe that I got so far 152 DevWatchers, over 60,680 page Views and over 14,070 comments as well. To all of my fellow Poets, writers and painters I wish you a beautiful Christmas in the writing of William Shakesphere and the drawing of Norman Rockwell, To all the artists that does Cartoon and Anime stuff Both Under and Over 18 I wish you a Merry Cartoonmas and a Very Animated new year. To all  to artists that does the more adult stuff(softporn, Yuri, Yoki,Hentai, Futanari) I wish you a Merry XXXmas and a Sexy new year to all the people that love to do the big booties and tits I wish you a Merry Christ-Mass and a Bootylicious  2017 and of course to all who do my favorite Part in DA...Muscle Women(and Men) I wish you Merry Muscle Christmas and a Strong new year as well. Before I go here a great final sendoff to 2016 who some people thinks that its the Worst year ever But at Least the World's not coming to a end and let's all Hope that 2017 will be a much kinder, gentler year not Perfect but at least better! Happy Birthday to God's son and the King of Kings Jesus Christ and here's the poem!
                                                         Follow in your Footsteps

Oh Father God, I want to follow in Your footsteps to achiever glory
Because you are the trendsetter in my life to make some history

I want to walk with you seeing your footprints in the sand
Knowing that I'll never be alone in this world taking me by the hand

I'll walk with you in the daylight when I'm taking a stroll down the park
And walk with you at night when I'm walking my way back home when It's dark

You're my guidance to all the directions I take each and every mile
You love everybody in this world even to the ruthless and vile

I know that I got some really big shoes to fill
But I will do the very best that I can in your will

When I say it I do mean it either living or dying by the sword
Always and forever keep spreading your holy word

I will continue to walk in the straight and narrow
Remember your words to keep my eyes on the sparrow

Tomorrow's not promise to us as someday we will all be in heaven
Seeing you and all of your glory in kingdom of seven

Heavenly father, you always be with me even when I rise and fall
And when you tell me it's time to go, I'll answer your call

I will follow you every single step of the way
Let it be known that I will continue to honor and worship you until my judgment day

I've been all over the world and seen many places
Touching many People's lives leaving them with Smiling faces

So Father God I want to say that you are my soul Provider and protector that deserves the glory in the name of your son and our Lord Jesus
To help the world love and heal each other and feeling your presence with the sound of your footsteps!

Have a WONDER-ful Christmas and a SUPER new year!
from Wonder Woman and Supergirl fan, Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia!


    Hi There once again DA Family,

        I know that you are surprised to hear from me so soon after my last Journal, But I just had to make a very special Tribute to one of the True Pioneers in Space Travel and he had indeed a much storied Life to remember. That man is no other Than John Herschel Glenn Jr.(1921-2016) a Man who grew up in his Proud Homestate of Ohio to became an Aviator, Engineer and Astronaut who even became the first American to Orbit the Earth three times later in life became a Four Time Senator in Ohio. Before he Joined NASA He was a distinguished fighter pilot in both the Navy and later the Marine Corps that took part in both World War II and Korea and was a highly decorated pilot with 18 clusters and Five flying crosses. Mr.Glenn Was part of the Mercury Seven. The group of Millitary Test pilots selected by NASA IN 1959 To become America's first Astronaut then on February 20, 1962 he flew the Friendship seven and became the first American and fifth person in space. He received the Congressional Space medal in 1978 and was inducted into the US Astronaut Hall of fame in 1990 and was the last surviving member of the mercury seven. In 1998 while still a sitting senator he became the oldest person to fly into Space and the only one to fly in both the Mercury and space shuffle programs as crew member of the Discovery Space mission He was also awarded the Presidental Medal of Honor in 2012. President John F. Kennedy described Mr.Glenn as the type of American of whom we are most proud of. For the past seven decades this Country was truly blessed by this man great service and sacrifice and no doubt his Legacy will never ever die.
       Well I can't wait to see the new Movie Hidden Figures to come out next year and the movie about the three extraordinary Black woman scientists Dorothy Vaughn, Katherine Johnson and Mary Johnson Played respectly by Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer, Empire Star Taraji P.Henson and Neo R&B/Soul singing Star Janelle Monae who served as the brains behind one of the greatest Operations in History John Glenn's first mission in Space that made America Believe in itself again and the Movie also stars Oscar Winner Kevin Costner, Kristen Dunst and Glen Powell as John Glenn. It promises to be great and definetly Oscar Worthy. Well I got two more obits for you and both of them  from the Sports world First Greg Ballad(1955-2016) the Basketball star and California Native who played for 12 seasons Including being a important part to my Hometown team one and only Championship The 1978 Washington Bullets now Wizards teaming with the likes of Hall Of Famers Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes and I can still remember the rallying cry of then Coach Dick Motta"It ain't over until the Fat Lady Sings!" he died of November 9 of prostate Cancer at the age of 61 and this week while its so Ironic that The Heisman Trophy Cermony will be Tomorrow We lost a former Heisman Trophy winner in Rashaan Salaam(1974-2016) the California Native who rose to fame played for the University of Colorado from 92-94 and had a record breaking Junior season in which He won the Heisman and later played four seasons in the NFL. even becoming the Youngest player to rushed for 1,000 yards in a season. He died of subject due to foul play or suicide at the age of 42.Rest In Paradise to these men as  Well. so I hope that you enjoyed my tribute to the late great John Glenn and I'll promise to be back next time with my Christmas Journal before the Holidays and before I go here's another Poem for you in Tribute to Mr.Glenn and all the proud people at NASA!

Astronauts are true pioneers that been into space
As they venture out of this world in a faraway place

They're well educated and trained to do their mission
No Matter it it's from Cape Cod or NASA they all have a vision

They all want to travel to the Universe to make their own history
We americans were that first ones to walk on the moon and achieve glory

We all have dreams about flying to the galaxy in our spaceship
After the final countdown before liftoff on our Fateful trip

It would be so much fun floating on board inside
As we respresent our country with honor and pride

We'll travel thru the speed of light beyond the stars
Seeing the other planets, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Mars

It's like living in the great movie Star Wars being in a galaxy far, far away
Going thru deep space and across the Milky Way

Seeing mother earth from a distance is a sight to behold
One you'll tells your grandkids about it someday to be told

After trip around the universe we touched down and landed safety home
It was a successful mission and one we can learn from

Being as astronaut takes time in hard work and motivation
To learn all about life outer space and having a good education

They have many adventures straight out of a movie that's science fiction
Having that Interplanetary experience to be everyone's true inspiration

So let's salute all the Astronauts past and present who were true pioneers
Who are all the Opening Montague from Star Trek live their lives in Space the front frontier

Until Next time America, Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia
''I Suppose the one in an astronaut more powerful than any other is curiosity they have to get some place nobody's ever been'' John Glenn 
   Hi once again Deviant Art Family,

                 Its me ei9 back once again with another Journal for you to enjoy, Well its December now that means one more month to go left in 2016 before we head into 2017 and I don't know about you but i'm already ready for the Holidays as well as the new year to begin as well and this year to put  it simple has been a doozy! well I did enjoy my Thanksgiving Dinner well last week with my Family Well and had a good time eating, drinking and remembering all my great memories of this Holiday to boot. Well without futher notice here's my review of the Latest Disney animation Smash "Moana" Which I saw last week and I must say that its indeed a most beautiful and breathtaking movie to watch. The story is all About the Title character Moana Played by newcomer Auli'l Cravalho a native girl growing up in her lsland where she's the heir apparent to her  Father's throne but always long for the days to go out and explore life on her own ever since she was a baby. Her father Chief Tui Voiced by Temuera Morrison is a headstrong and caring ruler that always look after her daughter sometimes too stricked but Moana later finds consoluation in her Funloving and Wise Grandmother Tala Voiced by Rachel House who is a pure delight in the movie actually takes Moana to the vIllage to show her that her true family heritage is that her people were actually Voyagers who travel all across the sea for adventure and glory But all of sudden stopped When one day the DemiGod Maui Played by my main man Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson stole the Island goddess Te Fiti's heart thus turning Te Fiti into the Lava Monster Te Ka and after a Epic Battle Maui loses his Magical Fishhook and disappeared for years. After seeing her beloved Granny dying Moana and her beloved chicken set sail to take the island's heart back to save her people and her island from destruction where after she crashlands on a Island meets Maui and the Two after some blickering at first By the way loved Maui's Song "You're Welcome" when they met set off for some crazy adventures including finally found Maui's Fishhook which was on the back of a Giant blue Crab Tamatoa voiced by Jermaine Clement who also got one doozy of a song himself "SHINY" and after both Moana and Maui escaped the two later had another argument before Maui splited and Poor Moana were on her own but the Friendly magical shapeshifting water and then the spirit of Gramma Tala came back telling Moana to always believe in herself and rise above self doubt. The great climax in when Maui eventually comes back to Moana to help confront The Lava Monster Te Ka. Maui and Te Ka battled once again but instead of seeing Maui Killing the monster Moana told him to let Te Ka come to her and the confrontation was indeed Very supirising to say at least The Island Princess singing out to the monster then after they meet face to face Moana Restores Te Ka lost heart and the lava demon changes back into the Island Goddess Te Fiti once again and all three characters Moana, Te Fiti and Maui who did apologize for stealing her heart many centuries ago all became friends and at the end Moana Came back home as hero to her People and Island. This is indeed a most beautiful flim that uses Empathy and compassion instead of Revenge and punishment ending to the villain at the end and there's really no villain in this movie. Moana while's it no masterpiece Like Recent Disney aminations Like Frozen, Zootopia nor Finding Dory its a real good classic by itself and I give it three and half stars. Go see this Lovely and sweet flim.
         Well since I gave my review of the American Music Awards last time so I might thought I give my thoughts on the Soul Train Awards last weekend as well and it was awesome as well as the very beautiful, Soulful diva Erkyah Badu was the Host. The show kicked off the 1990's hit R&B group from Baltimore Dru Hill coming out to perform a medley of their Greatest hits and after Lead singer Sisqo then performed his Monster#1 hit Thong song as well. Other Highlights of the show including Jill Scott presenting Brandy with the Lady of Soul Award and then after Brandy performed a melody of some of her greatest hits as well and legendary music Producer Teddy Riley after earning the Soul Train Legends Award closed out the show performed with the likes of Doug E. Fresh, Bobby Brown, Wreckx N- Effect and Teddy's old music groups Guy and Blackstreet performing all of the greatest hits that he had written and produced in his career. As for the award winners for the night Beyoncé won four awards including Best Album, Female artist and Video. Maxwell won Best Male artist, Chance The Rapper won Best New Artist, Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana won two awards  for their mega hit song 'All The Way Up!, Gospel Legend Kirk Franklin won the award for Best Gospel Song For "123 Victory and Great Talented newcomer Andra Day won the Ashford and Simpson Songwriter's Award for her breakout Song "Rise Up"
overall another great awards show in the last two weeks.
      Speaking of Music now for the more serious part of the Journal again, The Obits as we lost a few more well known people recently, First in the music world Colonel Abrams(1949-2016) The R&B singer who was born in Detroit Michigan and raised in New York City when we was involved in music at a very young age participating in many bands and one of them had of all people the late great Prince Rogers Nelson on lead gultar in the 1970's but it wasn't until the 1980's where he finally broke out to stardom with his first smash hit "Music is the Answer'' in 1984 then continue with the smashes "The Truth" "I'm Not Gonna Let you" and Table for Two"He continued work for the last two decades but hard luck took him down the last few years being homeless Suffering from Diabetes and in poor health, he died at the age of 67. The next two Obits is from the Land of Television, Florence Agnes Henderson(1934-2016) The Indiana Native who was the youngest of Ten Children by her Homemaker Mother and Tobaccco Sharecropper Father during the Great Depression was singing at Local grocery stores by age 12. After College She started her showbiz Career on stage performing in musicals"Oklahoma" and "South Pacific' at the Lincoln Center She debuted on Broadway in the musical "Wish you were here in 1952 Then later played the title role in the long running 1954 musical "Fanny" she continued to do Broadway and TV Commercials in the 1950's and 60's before finally landing her Iconic role as Proud Mother Carol Brady in the Legendary TV show "The Brady Bunch"(1969-1974) many years after she continued to work having her own talk show and cooking show and even was a contestant on 'Dancing With The Stars in 2010,She died on Thanksgiving Morning from Heart fallure at the age of 82! another TV Star that we lost Was Ronald Earle"Ron" Glass (1945-2016) also from Indiana who after getting a Bachelor's degree in College started his career on stage in Minnesota before moving to Hollywood and after many guest appearences on Hit TV series in the 1970's like Sanford and Son, Good Times and All in the family, finally landed his famous role as Det. Ron Harris on the hit ABC-TV Series Barney Miller which ran from 1975 to 1982 and twenty years later had his second most recognizable role as the spiritual Shepherd Derrial Book in the 2002 Fox-TV Sci_Fi series 'Firefly" and its sequel flim ''Serenity" He died of Respiratory failure at the age of 71 and the last obit is one that we all Know about and Passed away from this earth last week and either you loved him or hated him he was indeed quite a Character to the world. That man is no other than Fidel Ajejandro Castro Ruz (1926-2016) The Controversial and divisive World Figure who Helped formed a Revolution with his brother Raul Castro and Che Guevara in Overthrowing The Dictator Fulgenico Batista and making him in charge of both Milltary and Political Power in which he ruled with a Iron Fist for 69 years and even survived over 600 assassinated attempts many of them orchestrated by the C.I.A. Now say about him if you want But he was Viewed on two different sides of the Fence. On the side of the Rightists he was Vilified by many who Viewed him as a Dictator who Oppressed Cubans and ruined the economy through Socialism Having so many Cubans fled the country thru the years But on the other hand He was admired and viewed as a hero to leftists and People of the developing world who saw him as a Revolutionary Champion of the poor and also stood up to the Politics of Washington DC and against Racism not only in the USA but the World as well(Supporting  The Civil Rights Movement, fighting against Apartheid) even stood side by Side with Malcolm X and Rev. Jesse Jackson and close friends with another Legendary Leader Nelson Mandela. Now was Castro a perfect man, no he wasn't but he's not really the Monster that many people see. Through his actions and writtings he has significantly influenced the Politics of Various individuals and groups across across the world.He died last week at the age of 90 and while Mostly White Cubans(not all of them) In Miami, Florida were celebrating his demise Mostly Black Cubans were in Mourning and in his homecountry of Cuba there were thousands of Cubans who paid their deepest respects to "EL Comandante" Well may all them Rest in Paradise to all of them.
                 Well Thanks for the support especially my 150 watchers so far and nearly close to 3,000 views so far and while this year has been trying to put it at least I feel that 2016 was my most emotionally expressive year yet in my Journals and all of you have really helped me over the years in while I can be fun at times talking movie and award reviews, Poems and top ten lists I can also speak my own mind about the world that we live in today. Well talk to you next time with my Christmas Journal when I have not one but two Top ten lists One for my favorite Christmas Specials, The Other my favorite Christmas songs Plus a Movie Review Of Star Wars Rogue One as well. Before I go Here's another poem for you.

                                                          WORLD OF FAIRY TALES

Oh how we all love to live to live in a world of fairy tales
To get out of our everyday troubles and cure our alls

For once I want to be the Knight in shining armor riding on my horse
What am I doing saving the princess from the evil dragon of course

I can be the prince that Snow White been wishing to come
From defeating the evil witch and breaking the spell with a kiss in her home

I can also be the handsome prince that finally gets my Cinderella
Searching high and low before finding her and putting on her foot the glass slipper

Or I even be an Transformed frog just been casted by a spell
For a lovely Princess to arrive to break it with a kiss and all again will be well

But as we long to be like Jack and to have magic beans
We all must realize that fairytales are more like pipedreams

There's no little red Riding hood No Alice in Wonderland nor no mother goose
No Captain Hook Nor Big Bad Wolf on the loose

No Pinocchio, no Rumplestilskin No Goldilocks and the three bears
No Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall, does anybody really care

The fact is we live in the real world and to keep on living in reality
doing things ourselves not relying on make believe stories

We should know by now what's fake and what's real
No Magical Potion can ever get us out of our pressure cooking ordeal

If you really want to live happy ever after then stop living in the world of fairy tales
Always believe in God first and long as we got his love inside of all of us we will always prevail

Until Next time America! ei9 Atlanta, Georgia
"You're Welcome! Maui (Dwayne ''The Rock" Johnson) Moana!
   Hi There once again, DA family,

       Its me ei9 with another Journal/Poem for all of you to enjoy,Well this week Thanksgiving is upon us once again and what I'm truly thankful is to be alive on this earth for 44 years now and still counting and thanking Father God for having great friends and family behind me and owe it all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for helping me get through all the bad days so that I Can enjoy the good ones. Well at Last Here's my Review of the Newest Disney/Marvel movie smash Doctor Strange and I have to tell you DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE if you are either High or Drunk(ha-ha!) its a real trip Homie. The Cast was excellent starting with the very Handsome and Talented Benedict Cumberbatch who scored big as the successful  but Egotistic Neosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange who was Indeed  Da Man at his Hospital for patients to have surgery until One fateful and tragic night happen to the Good doctor when he was in a Car accident that permantely damaged his hands and can no longer do the job he loves so much and after trying it Western Medicine he decides to travel to the far east to seek the legendary and mysterious Ancient one who had healed another man for life threating injuries. then After being saved from a bunch of thugs by Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofer who finally takes him to see the Ancient One played by the White Queen of Narmia Herself Tilda Swanson who I must say was quite incredible great in her role as Strange's Mentor who after some tough love at last finally teaches him the magic and powers of the Mystical Arts and this movie did have some of the most Amazing and Dazzing special effects I have ever seen in a while. We see ole Doc finally unleashed his metaphysical Powers and skills and ultimately claming his responsibly in helping defeating the Earth from evil. The rest of the Cast shined as well to Rachel McAdams as Stephen's Love intest and fellow surgeon Christine Palmer and the two do have somewhat of a Tony Stark and Pepper Potts thing between them and this movie reminds me of the First Iron Man Movie maybe Mr, Cumberbatch and Robert Downey jr should get together in talking to each other about who were the better Sherlock Holmes is (ha-ha) BC played him on the BBC TV While RDJ Played him in the movies. To Mads Mikkelson as the Villain Kaellius While he's no Loki in the Thor Movies thought he did enough but was so underused in the Movie. To the Movie Climax Where Strange Battles The evil Demon Dormammuu who he keeps coming back time after time again to finally defeated him Using the Eye of Agamoto which controls time in an another Dimension. Overall a pretty Damn good movie with not only another funny cameo role by Stan the Man Lee But also even a Cameo Role at one of the end credits by the God of Thunder himself Thor played by Chris Hensworth and the scene between Thor and Strange was indeed priceless and We might even see Strange in Next year's Thor 3 and also the two part Avengers Infinity war series as well. I give it three stars and go see it if you haven't the way loved Benny's performance on SNL recently and he was funny as heck too! Well as you know that the Holidays are coming and that means Christmas Movies and music are going to start playing everywhere if not now already and this Month Here's are my Top ten List of my all time favorite Holiday Movies.
10.Home Alone
9.The Panda Express
8. Yogi's first Christmas
7.The Nightmare Before Christmas
5.A Christmas Carol
4. Miracle on 34th Street
3.Its a Wonderful Life
2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
and number One...A CHRISTMAS Story (don't shoot your eye out Ralphie!, HA-HA!) That's My list and feel free to commit or make your own. Well I did see some of the American Music Awards and once again supplied some memorable Highlights Including Bruno Mars Opening the show with his new single 24Kmagic, to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj doing a Hot duet to Hosts Jay Pharoah and Gigi Hadrid Joking telling the crowd that the night was all about music not Polilics to one time Married couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez sharing a kiss in front of the whole world. Among the winners won awards were Adele, Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez,
Drake, Rihanna, Zayn, The Chainsmokers, Twenty one Pilots, Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dollar Sign, Justin Bieber, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Florida/Georgia Line, Enrique Iglesias, Beyoncé and a very special moment when the late great Prince Rogers Nelson won Best soundtrack for his 1984 legendary masterpiece "Purple Rain" and his Sister Tyka Nelson proudly accepted the award in his behalf and was proud that her big brother is one of the greatest musicians ever and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when she said that Overall a good show. Well its time for the section of Obits again and Three of them made their own mark in the Music World. Sharon Jones(1956-2016) The New York native who after started her career as a backup singer to James Brown and finally became a star of her own at the age of 40 with her own group Sharon Jones and the Dap kings which helped brought back old school soul and funk and even was nominated for a Grammy died at the age of 60 after a long bout with Cancer.
Leonard Cohen(1934-2016) the Mulitalented Canadian Born Singer, Poet, Songwriter and Novelist who work touched on everything through, religion, Politics and Sexuality and Personal religions and even gave us the legendary song Hallelujah in which was performed by almost 200 artists. The Rock and Roll Hall of famer died at the age of 82 to cancer and the Third Rock legend that left us recently was Claude Russell "Leon"Bridges(1942-2016) the Oklahoma Born Muscian and Songwriter who was involved with Numberous best selling albums in Pop music during the course of his 60 year career. He recorded 33 albums and at least 400 songs and even performed with hundreds of Hall of fame artists and became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame himself in 2011 He died in his sleep at the age of 74 and finally one obit from the land of Journalism Gwedolyne Ifill(1955-2016) the new York Native who was a former reporter for the New York Times and the Washington Post before making the Switch to Televison in the 1990's as reporter on NBC News before moving to PBS In 1999 to host both the weekend politics show Washington Week and co Hosting with Judy Woodruff on the Nighty News Hour She was a kind down to earth person while being a star while earning the love and respect of not only her collagues but everyone she had interviewed in her career.She died of cancer at the age of 61.Rest in Paradise to all of them. gi
            Well Thanks for all the support as always though the years and I'll always gives my best and viewing my own opinions in this World today. I Wish everyone of you and your families a  Very Happy Thanksgiving and Next time My Movie Review of the New Disney Movie 'Moana" Featuring my man Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson plus another Top Ten List related to the Holidays! Before I go Here's another poem for you to enjoy and helped get you though the troubled times that's happening now!  

                                                                 CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE
For once too often we have been too caught up in the Rapture
Always searching for Unaudited, Uninterrupted joy and happiness that we want to capture

It's the day that all Christians have since been waiting for the second coming of Jesus
In which his resurrection he Invites all the souls to come with him that are truly bless

But for others it's the day that they're living in fear that's the world's going into Armaggeddon
They it had people taking out their savings and selling their houses thinking that the World's coming to an end

They all think that we are heading into a one way path to mass destruction
So they want to be the ones to survive and see the resurrection

So are we headed for that day of destiny only God Knows
We have been seeing bits and glances of it in how it shows

The World can be a very cold and cruel place sometimes leaving people in its wake
You simply just don't know if your future's in stake

They are no guarantees in life except for taxes and death
The grim reaper can take you either you're poor or in good health

But  we must continue to keep on living and savor every moment
and there's no time better than right now in the present

So live your life happily and freely because we don't what's in store
Always remember don't get caught up in the rapture

Until Next time America, ei9 Eric Isaac Atlanta Georgia

"You walked away from a place no one could return from, I'm trying to find my way back- Dr Stephen.Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch)
 Hi There once again DA Family,

            Its me Ei9 once again with a very special Journal this time, Well the Election finally over thank God and like it or not our 45th and new president of the United States is indeed Mr. Donald J. Trump(NOOOO!) Yeah I know that for some of us its still a total Nightmare to have him in the Oval Office After all the Racist, sexist Rheriotic that he spewed on the entire election season calling all Muslims and Hispanics to be banned, making fun of handicapped and disabled people, doesn't pay his own taxes, bragged about grouping women and even demanded President Obama to show his birth certificate to the world proving that he was really a born America. Those actions even had his own party the GOP to distance away from him for a while. But despite his foot in the mouth moments during all the time it only made him stronger and never lost the support of his fans and supporters. Look Like I told you in my last Journal I'm a Lifelong Democrat that voted Blue all the way But Hillary Clinton really wasn't my choice, in fact the Person who should be the new POTUS Right now is Bernie Sanders who was the Voice of the new generation of young voters but the Democrats thought that he was a great threat to them because he tells it like it is about the ecomony problems of the world today But they latch their Hopes on Hillary in Hoping that She will continue the legacy of the Barack Obama admission also become the first woman president in the US but she just wasn't the Inspiring Person to draw new Votes like Obama and her husband Bill was many years ago and had to rely on Famous superstars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Lady Gaga,Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Snopp Dogg, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder to draw votes for her but sadly that plan didn't work  and instead should have just gone out on her own and talk to the people in which Ms. Clinton called Deplorables. Mr. Trump on the other hand was Indeed the Voice of his own party turning out many big crowds speaking on the behalf of the Poor middle Class Americans who was so Angry at both the Democrats and Republicans for ignoring them all these years and He Vowed to shake things up in Politics.
     Election NIght was indeed a true Shocker as the mainstream Media all predicted a Hillary Clinton Victory either easily or a razor thin close win, But Mr.Trump Shocked the world and even winning the traditional democratic blue states of the Midwest Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota by the Electional Vote total of 279 to 228 for Ms.Clinton even though she won the Popular vote. While the GOP now have the House, senate and Congress all to themselves. Well if there was some good in all of this is that we finally saw some class and good sportsmanship at the end, to Hillary gives her acceptance speech with pure dignity and promises to help Trump and his admistration while telling all the little Girls and Young women everywhere to don't ever give up your dreams in what you want to do in your life including being President to President Obama with Vice President Joe Biden by his side telling the country  that we must go forward and Support the new President Elect and help him get though in his early days in the oval office and Even the Donald showed some class in his Victory speech Thanking  Hillary for a rough and tough challenging campaign and willing to work with the Democrats and Republicans in congress. Obama and Trump and their families even met today in the White House and the two even shook hands during the meeting in front of the media. Now do some of us still think that Mr. Trump is still a Bully, a Bigot and a sexist pig after all he did all these times even his father was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and wouldn't let black people live in his apartments before giving the business  to his son and now after many fallures of his own as a businessman He is now in the Oval Office in keeping his word in Making America Great again, he must prove to us that he can be at least an decent President by changing some of his dirty ways but on the other hand we must give him a chance to succeed. I Know that 2016 is maybe the Worst year ever but the World is not gonna end. Let go of all the anger and hate and move on for the good of the Country. #LOVETRUMPSHATE!
               Well one Obit for you We lost a legend in Politics in Janet Wood Reno(1938-2016) the Miami,Florida Native who stood at six foot three who towers over everybody after graduating from Cornell University and Harvard Law School in becoming the first female Attorney General in the United states. Her mother Jane was an Investigative Reporter for the Miami News and her father Henry was an immigrant from Demark and was a reporter for the Miami Herald for 43 years. after her career as AG she gave many speeches about Law enforcement and was awarded the Justice Award in 2009. She died of Parkinson's Disease on November 7 at the age of 78 she was never married nor had any kids but left behind many friends and family who loved her Rest in Paradise Ms.Reno.Well I put in my two cents on the election and always remember that no matter who's President, Jesus Christ will always and forever be the King of kings and Lord of Lords and Father God Love us all. I'll be back next time  with my Thanksgiving Journal with a Top ten list and my movie review of Doctor Strange as well.Happy Veterans Day to all the troops everywhere and Before I go here a Special Poem for all of you

                                                       BEING A PRESIDENT

In this great country there's no tougher job in this world with high stakes
That job is  being the President of the United states

You'll have tremendous pressure on you being the leader of the free world
To live up to all your Promises to keep to every man, woman, boy and girl
Its also had its own share of honorable rewards

Being a president you have so many jobs to do
Listening to congress, signing a lot of bills not to mention giving a lot of speeches too

The President is also commander and chief of all the services of the Military
That includes all of our proud troops of the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy
Leading them into the battlefield to achieve nothing less than Victory

Being a president you have to make some tough decisions when crises come along
Presidents aren't perfect but they always try to keep this proud country strong

From Washington to Obama, so far they have been 44 of them
That had sworn in the oval Office to lead this nation and serve their term

Some of then are more remember than others for the their contributions of the historic past
Each and everyone of them did something to help America become free at last 

No matter if they were a Democrat or Republican they always have a spot in American History lore
The famous faces of George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe are on the Legendary Mount Rushmore

Being a president means you must have great leadership to take on many challenges whenever you rise or fall
Always give hope to the people of the U.S.A under one nation Under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all

Good Nignt and Stay Strong America
Eric Isaac ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

''The only thing to fear is fear itself'-Franklin D. Roosevelt

 Hi There once again DA Family,

            Its me ei9 with an all new Journal/Poem for all of you to enjoy, Well another Halloween have come and gone and I did enjoy myself this year giving out Candy to the trick and treaters in my neighborhood and watching some Halloween stuff over last weekend some scary movies, Some traditional cartoons classics like the all time favorite its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and I even watched the long awaited remake of the Rocky Horror Movie on Fox-TV that I DVR'ed and While its not the Timeless classic of the Orginal 40 years ago its has its own shame of fun and freshness as well. I thought that Transgender Actor Laverne Cox was good as Dr. Frank -N--Futher filling in the iconic role that The legendary Tim Curry had and its was great to have Mr. Curry himself in the remake as the Criminist and have some good quotes himself. The new youthful cast was good Including Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartain as the Lovers Janet and Brad, Christina Millian as Magenta, Adam Lambert as Eddie, Reeve Carney as Riff-Raff, Staz Nair as the creation Rocky Horror, Annaleigh Ashford as Columbia and another Legend Ben Verneen as Dr.Scott. I even fell in love with Ivy Levan as Usherette and thought that she was at point Lady Gaga in the movie opening,Yes the cast did all the songs and did well and I give the new Rocky Horror three stars But the Orginal will always be the best. One more thing about Halloween thanks for all the great comments and faves on my last Journal and even though my top ten list of the slasher boogeymen of Halloween was great but there was two boogeymen that I forgot about First Pin-head from the Clive Barker Hellraiser Movies who was a Badass killer himself with his pasty white self and Spiked head of his and the first three flims gave me the chills and second The Clown who terriorize People long before all these Clown sightings happening right now and no it ain't Ronald McDonald nor Bozo the Clown, Its Pennywise from the legendary Stephen King novel IT and this Clown is one Scary Mutha that don't play around they should have been on the list but they definety on my Honorable mention.
          Now on to last night ending of the World Series where we crowned a New Champion in Baseball that finally Exorcisted all their demons of the decades past and its long suffering fan base and city celebrated all though the night, after they had thought they have blown it late in the game before the rain delay, That's Right after 108 years the national nightmare is finally over Chicago, CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! The Cubbies Win!!!, in a thrilling Seven game series in which they overcome a 3-1 deficit to beat the equally game and determined Cleveland Indians and you have to tip your cap to both teams who gave it all on the field and indeed made Baseball fun again. I know that Cubbie Nation not only in the windy city but all over the world are singing and Dancing even now at this moment to the famous ones Like the legendary GhostBuster Himself Bill Murray who was at the game in Cleveland last night supporting his Cubbies to the Infamous Steve Bartman, Come back buddy all is forgiven now just like Boston fans forgave Bill Buckner for his blunder in the 1986 World Series when their Red Sox finally ended their Title Curse in 2004. Speaking of that the Man who was responsible for that as well as this is no other than Theo Epstein the Boy wonder himself who is Now the King of the sport right now. I bet that the sprits of Harry Carey, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Jack Brickhouse and many others are all smiling from up above heaven right now seeing their beloved francise finally winning the big one. So congrats to both the Cubs and the Indians for a great series, and  stop crying Cleveland You already broke your long curse over the summer when LeBron won you your long awaited title in over 50 years (ha-ha!)now that Baseball season is over it on to both Hockey Season in which can the Pittsburgh Penguins repeat as Champions or will we have a new champ someone like my Washington Capitals who is trying to break their own curse as well and Basketball Season has started as well and Hopefully my Washington Wizards can bounce back after an most disappointing season last year But all eyes will be on both the Defending Champions Cleveland Cavaliers led by the best basketball player in the World LeBron James Looking for a title repeat for the Land and the team that they beat a year ago The Golden State Warriors which got themselves a brand new Splash Brother in DC Native Kevin Durant to join forces with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to take the title back to the Bay Area and it will be Must see TV indeed this season.
         Well thank you again for all the llama badges, Dev-Watches and great comments as well and I'm always thankful for that. Well this coming Tuesday is the Big Day for all of us living in the great country of the United States of America in deciding who will be our next president that will take Office. I Know that Half of the country is Republican Hates Hillary Clinton and the Other Half who's Democrat Hates Donald Trump and this has indeed been the most Hated, Darkest and most Polarizing Elections ever and they are many  people in this world who just can't stand both of them because both of them got some skeletons in their closet especially in the last two months. But we the people have to take a stand and go out to the polls and Vote with our hearts and minds. Please don't do this for me, I'm not telling no body what to do in their lives, I'm a Lifetime Democrat Voter myself and already Voted last week( I voted blue all the way thru!) Do what you got to do but don't just stay at home being angry at the political system, Let Your voice be heard and it will be most interesting by this time next week. well talk to you next time with another Top ten list and even a movie review of the Long awaited New Movie from Marvel "Doctor Strange'' But before I go Here's a poem for you to remember and learn.
                                                                          ELECTION DAY  

Well it's that time again where people across the country have to make a big decision
About the people who they really want to be in office in the day of the election

They're canidates from each position, Congress, Senator, Governor and even the oval office of the President
Each of them Vowing that they are right person for the job making a true statement

Like all polictians at this time they make promises that they say will keep
All so often they don't keep their word needing a shovel to dig out of their political graves because their in too deep

Before we go out to our destinations casting out ballots on the box to vote
We all must remember all the  people who gave up their lives for us to have this right  so take note

No matter if you're a registered Democrat, Independent or Republican
Please let your voices be heard in one of the most important days to be an American

You vote does truly counts to make a difference in that you have something to say
Get out to Make an Impact and some history, vote on Election Day

Until next time America, ei9 Eric Isaac, Atlanta, Georgia   

"While they go low, We Go High!'' Michelle Obama, 'Don't Boo, Vote!'' Barack Obama
 Hi there once again DA Family,

       its me ei9 with another Journal/Poem for you to enjoy, Well IKETOBER is almost over and next week it will be Halloween and once again that time when all the ghosts and goblins big and small, young and old of all colors come out for some tricks and treats and partying down in their costumes while others will be at home watching some Scary movies to boot. Well The 2016 World Series is all set and speaking of Halloween We got two teams trying to exorcist their own demons of at least 50 plus years of not winning a Championship on one side its the heavy sentimental favorites all year The Chicago Cubs who haven't won the world series since 1908 and will try to overcome the Ghosts of the Billy Goat of 1945, The Black Cat of 1969, Leon Durham in 1984 and of Course Steve Bartman in 2003(ha-ha) with Young Superstars like Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant  lights out  closer Arodis Chapman and manager genius Joe Madden and in the other Corner another team from the Midwest who also try to end its Title curse They haven't won it since 1948 But also are trying to give its proud City of Cleveland, Ohio which for many years has been a total laughingstock in not only in Sports but even being called the mistake by the lake Before The King himself Lebron James came back home and he and the Cavaliers finally delivered a world Championship to it for the first time in 52 years last June and Now the Cleveland Indians led by their own stars Mike Napoli, Corey Kluber their great Bullpen led by ALCS MVP reliever Andrew Miller are trying to give Believeland its second title in four months and the most interesting part is that Cubs CEO and GM  Theo Epstein and Indians manager Terry Francona who teamed up to finally break up the 86 year old curse of the Boston Red Sox in 2004 are both back but this time going against each other to see if who'll be the first one to break another curse but It will be a great series none of less also what a Fun time to be in Northern Ohio right now with Tomorrow Night with both the World Series starting and The Cavaliers finally getting their NBA rings and hoisting the Championship Banner across the street when the NBA Basketball Season tips off, it will be super.
    Well Halloween's almost here and this month's Top ten list and I know that the most famous monsters of the Holiday are Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman, Mummy, Creature of the Black Lagoon etc,  but this list features the top ten Slasher Villians of all time and they truly scare the bejesus out of me growing up as a child of the 1970's and 80's  and all of them are quite memorable.
10. The Tall Man from the Phantasm series- I wouldn't want to spend a night in a funeral home especially around that guy!
 9.  Candyman- He was a cold blood brotha that you don't want to mess with nor chat his name three times
 8. The Ghostface Killa from the Scream Movies- No matter if its Billy and Stu from Scream one, Billy's mom from Scream 2, Sidney's brother in Scream 3 and even Emma Roberts in Scream 4, I admit he always had the cool voice( Hello, Sidney, what's your favorite scary movie)
 7.The Fisherman from I know what you did last summer- Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boobs Just can't stay away from that guy!
 6.Chucky from Child's Play- Love me Some Chucky and His bride Babe Tiffany voiced by the sexy Jennifer Tilly is one beautiful badass killer who's no Barbie and even got me excited over Doll sex(ha-ha)
 5. Leatherface from the Texas ChainSaw Masacre, - That's one Sick puppy from a family of Sick people who rips off the faces of his Female victims as his personal Halloween masks and once you here that Chainsaw buzz you know you're in trouble!
4. Michael Myers from Halloween- He's truly the strong and slient assassin type with his William Shatner like mask and even murders his own family on Halloween Except his sister played by Jamie lee Curtis the Scream Queen of the 70's and 80's now ironically starts on Fox TV's Scream Queens.
3. Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare of Elm Street series- The man of our Worst Nightmares( Not Donald Trump,Ha-ha!) really took the world by storm in 1984 with his Ugly red and green stripe sweather , Razor Knife gloves, trusty fedora and burned up skin as well
thank you Robert Englund and the late great Wes Craven for giving us this Horror Icon to us even though made many of us not to go to sleep.
2.Jason Vorhees From the Friday the 13th series- Before Freddy there Was Jason and the never say die Killer who was badly mistreated as a disfigured, disability kid drowned in Lake crystal by mean sex lusting teenagers and his Mother was the killer in the first flim took  the mantle from her after she was killed in part two But had wait until Part three to wear his ironic Hockey mask, became the legend that we all know and love.
and number One The grandfather of them all, Mama's boy himself...Norman BATES from Psycho!!!!-Alfred  Hitchcock's 1960's thriller Masterpiece Psycho was  indeed the movie in which have you scared of taking showers by yourself and when you come to spend the night at the Bates Motel not only that you'll have to contend with ole Normie the crossdresser himself but the spirit of his Dead Mother in his sick head in which he killed her.(Norman, what are you doing!) and always have the ironic scene with Janer Leign the Orginal Scream queen and Jamie's real life mother being slashed in the shower by The late great Anthony Perkins. That's my list.
   Finally One Obit to you Thomas Milal Ford(1964-2016) The actor who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California who wanted to be a preacher growing up before choosing acting instead after getting an arts degree from Long Beach City College, he Transferred to the University of Southern California where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting he went on to appear on many shows like New York Undercover, the Parkers but his most famous role was Tommy Strawn in the Hit show Martin Starting Martin Lawrence as the straight man in the group and I Loved the show in the 1990's. He died at the age of 52 in a Atlanta area hospital of an anerurysm in his abdomen rupture. Rest in Paradise Tommy my brotha!
          Well thanks once again for all the great support that you always gave me and can't believe that its been a year ago when me and my family Moved from My hometown of Washington DC to my New Hometown in Atlanta, Georgia and this past year has been a blast making new friends and seeing and hanging out more with my next to kin. I can't Wait to watch Supergirl tonight and season two is already off to a great start in the first two episodes featuring the departure of Kara's Boss Cat Grant played by Carlisha flockheart who will be only making cameo appearences to having Kara finally team up with her famous big Cousin Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin and to me fits the bill as the new TV man of steel and even have some of the great humanity and sweetness like we saw in Christopher Reeve in the Superman movies of the 1970's and 80's Oh God if Only Zack Snyder could take notes in how to make Superman and not having him to be as Dark and brooding as Batman in his Movies No offensive to Henry Cavill who is really a Good looking actor himself But Tyler showed more of the Superman spirit in the two episodes than he did in the movies Man of steel and Batman vs Superman. and Tonight we're going to see the Original Wonder Woman Herself, Lynda Carter as the President of the United States visiting National city and even meeting Supergirl played once again by the beautiful Melissa Benoit. Speaking of Ms. Carter it was also a treat to see her alongside  with the new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman Day overseas this past Friday while they were honorable ambassors at the UN and I must say the mantle of WW is already passed down in good hands, Love both these beautiful ladies.#WWRULES! Well  Happy Halloween everybody and here's a Halloween theme poem for all of you to enjoy hint its title is FROM an old Stevie Wonder song.


It's time for us to stop believing in supersticions
Because they're just figments of our imaginations

They always say its bad luck for a black cat to cross your path
I say that's just nonsense and you do the math

Don't walk underneath a ladder nor open an umbrella inside
What's all of this stuff supposed to damage your pride

We believed in them like they're some kind of deadly curse
and always believe in them things will get even worse

I say that sometimes we make our owns superstitions
getting caught up in them and have holutionations

So always have faith in yourself and making your own luck
Don't believe in superstitiions or it will get you stuck

until next time, America, ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

"We all go a Little mad sometimes, Norman Bates(Anthony Perkins) Psycho!

 Hi There once again, DA Family its me ei9 with another Journal for you to enjoy Well its now October or for some of you Inktober or for me IKETOBER(Ha-ha!) and the fall season is well underway and its now the time for the leaves to change colors and the fun to begin. Well this year has been the year of the sad goodbyes not only in so much death but also in a lighter moment many retirements as well Well Yesterday it was the final day of the Baseball regular season and the Postseason is all set starting Tuesday night with the American League Playoffs with The Wild Card game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada with the winner of the game faces the Texas Rangers in a best of five series in the next round while the other series features the Cleveland Indians taking on the Boston Red Sox and their legendary star David"Big Papi" Ortiz who had one fun emotional send off in his final home game in Fenway Park yesterday even got a bridge name after him in the city of Boston(ha-ha!) Meanwhile in the National League Playoffs the Wild Card game start things off on Wednesday night when the San Francisco Giants who won the world series three times in the last six years travel to New York city to take on the defending NL Champion Mets with the winner going on to the windy city to take on the Best team in Baseball this season The Chicago Cubs who are on a mission to finally breaking their over Century Curse of bringing home the title to Wrigley Field while on the other series My Washington Nationals who had another great Nl East Division Championship season winning 95 games thanks to the MVP caliber season of Daniel Murphy, The Cy-young cailber 20 win season of Pitcher Mad Max Scherzer and the leadership of Manager Dusty Baker as they try to finally get over the hump themselves but they will face a some tough customers and  worthy oppontments in the NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers and their Super ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw speaking of Dodger Blue Happy Retirement to their long time Play by play announcer Vin Scully who had been doing Dodgers games ever since the team was still in Brooklyn, New York in the days of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey. Mr Scully was indeed a true ambassor  to the game of Baseball and his 67 years of service to not only to his team and the sport is the stuff that legends are born and made of truly much beloved and respected by all his colleagues in the business and a hall of fame Human being as well. Happy retirements also to fellow legendary announcer Dick Enberg the long time sports play by play man for NBC AND CBS For many years before spending the last seven years as the play to play announcer of the San Diego Padres in Baseball calling his last game yesterday and to NBA Superstars Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan as well. Boy if you thought that the 2016 Basketball hall of fame was awesome this year with Shaquelle O'Neal, Yao Ming, Allen Iverson and Sheryl Swoopes then 2021 will really be so Epic Sweet with the likes of Kobe Bryant, The Black Mamba, Duncan, the Big Fundamental and Garnett the Big Ticket as well!
     Now for the obits, its was another sad week of Legends lost in the year 2016, First We lost the King of Golf Arnold Daniel Palmer(1929-2016) the Pittsburgh, Pa Native who was greatly regarded as one of the greatest, Most regarded and beloved players in golf history. He has won seven major champions dating back to his debut in 1955 including a four time champion at the place that he helped made famous The Masters Open in Augusta, Georgia. He was the sport most important Person as he pushed Golf into the mainstream becoming its first Superstar in the Television age. He along with Jack Nicholas and Gary Player  were the big three in Golf in the 1960's  He won the PGA tour Lifetime achievement Award in 1998 and one of the 13 orginal inductees into the Golf world Hall of fame. He died at the age of 87 in a Pittsburgh hospital. Then We lost Michael Jones (1959-2016) who the Music World knows as Kashif, The New York City Native who first taught himself to play the flute at age seven and later the piano in the basement at his church.  He Joined the music group B.T. Express at the age of 15 performing in stages all over the world while studying Islam and changing his name to Kashif which means discover and in ventor. He along with Stevie Wonder created a synthesizing sound that would took over the R&B soul music world by storm and were pioneers in Urban music, He not only made hits for himself but written and produced hits and even sang on songs for others like Everlyn Champagne" King, Whitney Houston, Stacy Lattisaw, Freda Payne, Me'lisa Morgan, George Benson, Kenny G, Johnny Kemp, Expose and Melba Moore, He died at the age of 56 in his LA home. Then we lost the Queen of the Modern Daytime  Soap Opera era in Agnes Nixon(1927-2016) Who was born and raised in Chicago,Illnois and even attended Northwestern University where she was taken under the wings of her mentor Ima Phiilips she started out as a writer for the radio soap opera "Women in White" then later went on to writing for the soap operas" Search For Tomorrow'', Guilding Light "Another world' and As the World turns' before finally creating the two soap operas that made her a legend "All my Children and One life to live. Mrs. Nixon won Daytime emmy awards and Five writers Gulde awards and was inducted into the Television Hall of fame in 2010. she died at the age of 93. But the saddiest death of last week was the Young baseball pitching sensation Jose Fernandez(1992-2016) who was gone way too soon for all of us. He had overcome a lot in his young life unsuccessfuly three times deflecting from his home country of Cuba before he and his mom were successful a fourth time and after that entrolled into High School in Tampa, Florida were he became a star in baseball and was selected by the Miami Marlins in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft. He made his big league debut in 2013 in which he was the NL Rookie of the year and finished third in the Cy Young Voting. After he had Tommy John surgery in 2014 he came back with a vengeance this year having a Cy Young worthy season and even played in the All Star game as well. He died tragically with two of his best friends in a boating accident at the age of 24 leaving behind his friends, fans, Coaches, teammates and family including his mother, grandmother and his girlfriend carrying their unborn child. It was such a emotional time when Teammate Dee Gordon hit a leadoff Home run in the team's first game against the Mets since his death and after cried when the rest of the team console him in the dugout and also great class and respect by my Nationals over the weekend when the two teams played each other in DC.  he's was indeed a shinning comet to the sport and to all of them rest in Paradise.
                  Well thanks once again for all the support that you gave me and I just continue to make new friends in this website and continue to do my best and next time I Have my top ten list that will be based on Halloween that will be so much fun but for now here's another poem for all of you to enjoy.
                                                       DREAMS OF A VALKYRIE

Last night in my sleep I envisioned a woman so very powerful and so lovely
She was always on my mind as I have dreams of a Valkyrie

They're from the Nordic times, Mighty warrior women who takes the souls of the dead and fallen
Into a place called Valhalla a land that honors the dead and the grand wall their life was well worth living

I dreamed I was captured by an evil Orc tribe and my days living were all about done
Then all of a sudden a mysterious figure appeared then slashing off the heads of the monsters until they're none

She's said to me in a well commanded deep and powerful voice"What is your name mortal and don't be contrite"
I told her that my name's Eric and I mean no harm and also thank you for saving my life

She was a towering vision of Loveliness standing at least six foot three with her beautiful blue eyes, Big strong muscles, snow white skin and long blond hair
She came in with here winged horse accompanied by Ravens and was armed by her Mighty sword, shield and battle spear

She told me her name's Sigridur, descendant of Brunnhilde and was the strongest of all of Valknor
a true and loyal daughter of royality that honors the majesty of Odin the ruler

I told her that I was lost and wanted to go home and can she show me the way
She agreed but she also told me to be her sidewick in Joining her to battle all the evil forces and her being so beautiful that I guess for the time being I said yes and decided to stay

She and I had some many great adventures since then I was her Gabrelle to her Xena, Savings villages, Townspeople and kingdoms
from evil creatures and armies and always answering each desperate call
The two of us overtime even built our unique relationship from unwilling partners to best friends to an eventual  blossoming romance that had us making love every night from the caves to the waterfalls

Until one fateful night as me and Sigridur along with Thor,Lady  Sif and all of the other Norse Gods were in a real battle I saved her from an Arc soldier but myself wasn't so lucky
The arc's sword went though me piercing my heart and I fell to the ground and when Sigridur saw me lying there she screamed out my name and then Unleashed her superstrength Wrath to the Orcs in sheer fury

After the slaughter she held me close to her arms as I was bleeding from my mouth smiling saying that I love her in my last words before I join the dead
Sigridur said to me tears running down her cheek "Oh Eric my sweet Mortal love, you are indeed a mighty warrior, friend and lover, I wish you much happiness in Valhalia, the afterlife land that's afterlife land that's ahead

Afterthat I woke up from my dream and realizes that I will never see something so much powerful and so much beauty
Then to have a wonderful dream of Mighty Valkyrie

Until next time America, Eric Isaac, Ei9 Atlanta, Georgia

''What other people may find in poetry, I find in the flight of a good drive- Arnold Palmer!

   Hi there once again DA family, its me ei9 with another Journal to you to enjoy, Well Today's the first day of autumn and while some of us are sad to see Summer leave us until next year, its also great to finally getting some much cooler and crisper weather around here even in the south where I live now and also The all new  TV Season is here and I can't wait for the new Season of Supergirl to begin next month on the CW When we finally see Superman on the show I can't wait, OK  let's to the serious part, as you know that two more innocent black lives were killed this month, First in Tulsa, Oklahoma when a black man who shot by a white female police officer who was just following the orders of the Helicopter pilot telling her that the suspect looks dangerous thus spark yet again racial tensions in the southwest and then later in Charlotte, North Carolina when another Black man was killed for no reason by the cops and you guess it another round of riots and tensions spread out. I tell you that this has been one dark and terrible year partically to the state of North Carolina when already several sports events have already moved out from there including the 2017 NBA All Star Game and the 2017 NCAA Tournament first two rounds as well. People its getting mighty sad seeing more of the same happening with so many young black men getting killed by injustice and when the Black Lives matter movement says their Slogan"Black Lives matter" that doen't mean that they are racists they just want our own share of Justice in this world today. They are as much as White on White Crime, Latino on Latino crime, Asian on Asian Crime as much as Black on Black crime but like I said earlier this summer there is Good and Bad in everyone. We even seen the Sports World take a stand to this Partically San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kapernick started kneeling down to the American National Anthem that lead to several other peaceful Protests around not only in Football(College,Pro, even High School) but all the other sports as well. What makes Sport legends Like Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, Jim Brown and Jesse Owens so unique is that they came out in a much more different time when Racism and Prejudice reigned supreme and not afraid to speak their minds about the problems of the world While handling things with Class, Dignity and grace while being called every racist word being called on them. That we must do as a proud nation to be accountable of ourselves of what we be doing. Like I said I'll be Voting in November and either you're a Clinton Supporter,(or for Godforbidden) a Trump Supporter or even the other two lesser known Canidates, Liberian Gary Johnson and Independent Jill Stein Don't sit this one out especially this election year  Like President Obama said "Don't Boo, Vote! #BLACKLIVESMATTER. #ALLVOTESMATTER!
         Now for the more fun part, Well the 2016 Emmys was indeed fun and Jimmy Kimbrel did an excellent job as host of the show The Biggest winners of the Night were not only the Hit shows on HBO, Veep and my Fav Game of Thrones but also the Limited TV series The People vs OJ Simpson which won many Emmys Including Outstanding Limited Series and also Courtney B. Vance for best actor and Sarah Paulson for Best actress( love her role as Marcia Clark) Boy you gotta know what ole OJ is feeling now behind bars with this project winning all this emmys and also the five part ESPN 30 FOR 30 special OJ in America got Critical acclaimed Success this summer even though that was in the darkest chapter in his life. But anyway congrats to all the winners and nominees at the Emmys this past sunday and deepest condolecenes go to Brad Pitt and Angelica Jolie for their divorce and I'll bet that Jennifer Aniston is already out Celebrating in the streets right now(ha-ha!) but seriously I hope that they are better days for them both and their kids in the future but who i'm kidding they got enough money and fame to hook on somebody else.
          Well thanks again for all the great comments and feedback as usual and Next Month I'll have another Top-Ten list and maybe a  Movie Review as well. Before I go here's another poem for you to enjoy and learn and this goes to all the students who are back in school and if you want to make it in this world today and broaden your mind for knowledge and there's a place afterschool for you to learn before you come back home.

A library is a place in where to expand your mind
helping you Continue to learn afterschool so that you won't be left behind

it has thousands of books of many cultures and histories
Each and everyone of them have at least a million stories

Some of them are indeed fact while the others are true friction
Just reading one book a day can really help your education

No matter if its history, science fiction or cookbooks or even graphic novels
Reading one of them is like exploring whole new worlds

Library are also places to do your homework and to study
Either by yourself or with your bosom buddy

But libraries are places that you can't make a lot of noise and be peacefully quiet
The librarians and security don't like francases and especially ones that can start a riot

Overall libraries are really are fun and learning places from the top to the bottom floor
You'll have such a good time that it leaves you yearning for more

So this is the poem about a place that you read all kinds of adventures both real and imaginary
it's the one is just like school you'll learn something everyday your friendly neighborhood library

until next time, America, Winter's Coming!
Eric Isaac ei9, Atlanta, Georgia
    Hi There once again DA family,

              Its me ei9 with another Journal/poem for you to enjoy, Well its now September and that means while Summer's almost over the Football season already starting off with the High School and College seasons beginning and Next week at last The NFL season begings and no matter what team we root for it will be another Exciting season so good luck to all your teams this year  and even though i'm at Atlanta, Georgia now in Falcon Country( can't believe that its almost a year since I moved to the south) My heart and soul still belongs to the team that I was born and raised in the National's Captital, The Washington Redskins and with Captain Kirk Cousins leading the way on Offense and a much improved Defense led by free agent signee Josh Norman, I think that the Skins might be even better than last year when they Won the NFC EAST Division title, But a lot of things can happen this year and this month instead of a top ten list Here's my NFL Division Predictions for this season!
AFC East
1.New England
2.New York Jets
AFC North
2.Cincinnati(Wild Card)
AFC South
1.Kansas City
4.San Diego
2.New York Giants
NFC North
1.Green Bay
NFC South
3.Tampa Bay
4.New Orleans
NFC West
3.Los Angeles
4.San Francisco
And my prediction for Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas, Steelers over the Panthers to win their Seventh Super Bowl title, That's my opinion, I could be wrong you know.
Now for the Obit We lost another Comedian legend this year In Jerome Siberman Better known the World as Gene Wilder{1933-2016)
he was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and after graduating from the University of Iowa in 1965 he began to chase his dreams in acting in full force while also took up fenching as well. then he finally got his big break in the 1970's when he got the title role in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971 the movie not only became a Success but it also became his most iconic role in his flim career. That leads to follow up hits Like Woody Allen's Everything You wanted to Know About Sex" His colaborations with Mel Brooks in 1974 ''Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" and of Course his pairings with another Comedy Genius and his Brotha from another Mutha' The late great Richard Pryor especially the Hit Movies Sliver Streak in 1976 and my Favorite 1980's Stir Crazy. Then in 1982 he met Saturday Night Live Star Glida Radner while making the movie "Hanky Panky" and she soon after became his Third Wife. The Two stayed together and making two more movies !984's "The Woman in Red" and 1986's Haunted Honeymoon  until Gilda's untimely Death in 1989. He last acted in 2003 appearing the NBC TV Series Will and Grace and even winning a Emmy. He Died of complications of Alzheimer's disease in his Connecticut home he was 83. he is survived by family and friends who admired his kind heart and genius. Well thanks again for all the great feedback that you been giving to me and next Week I will make my visit back home to DC hopefully to run into a few of my old friends and I wish you all a Happy Labor day weekend but before I go here's another poem for you to enjoy and yes its been 15 years ago since That day happen but things have changed for the better since.
                                                                THE DAY AFTER
It Was the day after that the world was changed forever
That before then we were all living in peace and joy together

All of a sudden comes the dreaded day of 9/11 that our innocence was lost
So many Lives was taken away at a very deadly Cost

Our national symbols of freedom, the twin towers went down in a pile of dust
The horrifying sight of dead bodies buried in all the pile concreate and metal rust

Proud New York City went from a place of big dreams to a nightmare from hell
the disturbing sights we saw of people running to their lives as they cry and yell

Yes it was a very sad day for the entire world especially those who love peace Justice and freedom
But I'm proud to say that we had since started to rebuild our lives and erased our doldrums

America is now as strong as it ever had been before and will continue to move on
This Country had gone thru tough times before but still kept pressing on

The World is made by all people of race, Color and religion
By all of us standing together as one we are still a great nation

The United States is still my country and as long as I bleed red white and blue
I proud to say with all my heart America I'll always and forever Love you!

Until next time America, That's right, That's right, we're bad!!-Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Stir Crazy(1980)
by Eric Isaac ei9, Atlanta, Georgia!
   Hi There once again DA family,

                    its me ei9 once again and this time with a Very special Journal on the Olympics, Well The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil have come and gone but it did left us with some long lasting memories. The USA led the way with 121 medals in all including 46 gold with, China, Great Britain, Germany, France,Japan and Australlia to follow. We were all but wondering after who was really the World's greatest athlete, Is it Baltimore, Maryland Native Michael Phelps who ended his great Olympic Career with 23 gold medals alone and is a real life Aquaman or is it the Lighting quick Jamaican born Usain Bolt whose Insane Superhuman speed once again mesmorize the world and forget about the Flash, Mr.Bolt is indeed the fastest man alive capturing three more medals.But while Phelps is indeed Aquaman of the sport of Swimming then Ms. Katie Ledecky from Rockville, Maryland near my old stomping grounds in DC is indeed Aquawoman as her pool performances put her up to another level and arguably the greatest woman swimmer yet. We also saw some domainating perfomances by both the USA men and women's Basketball teams as they once again brought home the Gold to the United States. We even also saw classic moments in Sportsmanship both Good and bad. First the bad, notorious Sore Loser Hope Solo once again reared her ugly head again after she and the US women's Soccer team were Shockingly Upset by Sweden, she lashed out on the winners calling them nothing but a bunch of Cowards But she got what she deserved yesterday First being suspended for Six months without pay then had her contract tore up by US soccer, Come on Hope you don't need any more Bad publicity this past year alone and "lying Ryan'Lochte who was telling stories that he and his teammates were robbed at Gunpoint in a Gas Station but it turned out that Mr. Lochte and his boys were really Vandalizing the hotel that they were staying at. Ryan, Come on man, I know that you are so desperate to get out of Michael Phelps' shadow for years but this aint the way. Now the Good we saw US Runner Abbey D'Angostino and New Zealand Runner Nikki Hambin collided with each other on the track resuited in Ms. D'Angostino suffered a bad leg injury but the two ladies still finish the race together in a sheer great moment of sportsmanship.
          In fact the 2016 Olympics was all about Girl Power at its best. We saw another Maryland Native Helen Maroulis shocked the world and became the first US women's Wrestler to win Olympic Gold by defeating 13 time world champion and three time Gold medalist Soara Yoshida of Japan, to the US women's track team of Brianna Rollins winning Gold, Nia Ali taking Sliver and Kristi Castlin taking the bronze in the 100 meters. to Kayla Harrison becoming the first woman to win two gold medals in judoka, To Proud American born Muslim Ibtihaj Muhammad the first Us athlete to compete with a Hijab, To Claressa Shields the first Us Boxer male or female to win two Olympic Boxing titles. We also saw countries like Puetro Rico, Fiji, Singapore, Vietam, Kosovo and Jordan win their first ever gold medals in the process. Overall a great Olympics and Hope that 2020 in Japan will be just as Good. Well I'll be back next month with another Journal but before I go here's a poem for all the future Olympians out there.

It's so Important to us every day to get some exercise
When you first get up in the morning sunrise

It's a way for us to try to stay in shape
Even if you mind turns to eating to escape

Try going out in the park for a morning jog
Even getting up  way early to walk your dog

We get our exercise one way or another
Anything to keep on living our lives healthier

To pumping Iron to swimming to even jumping jacks
The right way to strengthen our muscles to keep being on track

We put on hard work into our bodies and work up a mighty sweat
is it no pain, no gain? You bet

So always try to put in a little time to do some exercise
You'll be in such good shape that it won't be a big surprise

Until next time America, USA!USA!USA!
By Ei9 Atlanta Georgia